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Ole Miss baseball to debut new ‘Script M’ lids this Saturday

The drip is real.

Ole Miss Baseball-Twitter

Ole Miss baseball is a diverse bunch of established upperclassmen, new faces and unique personalities that play loose and work hard, riding an eleven-game winning streak into a home series against Princeton. The Rebels are turning a lot of heads with their carefree, fun-first attitude, and the results have followed. The team is on fire and dripping with swag.

Adding to the hype, murmurs of a uniform adjustment have circled this week, stemming from Anthony Servideo’s cryptic tweet on Monday night, captioned “ #newlids”.

The team followed up their star shortstop with an official announcement on Tuesday, but gave no timetable for their on-field introduction.

On Wednesday, it became real. Ole Miss will debut a ‘Script M’ alternate hat as Gunnar Hoglund takes to the mound on Saturday.

While the internet has exploded in debate over the news, the players seem to be on board. Rebels of old took to Twitter to share their thoughts, and Servideo’s predecessor Grae Kessinger chimed in first.

Kessinger was followed by the man who came before him, Errol Robinson.

Despite the positive response from diamond alumni, the fan jury is still out on whether the new ballcaps get a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The new ‘Script M’ logo seems to be something that the athletic department is interested in rolling out slowly across the board, and Saturday marks its debut at Swayze. What do you think?

Do you love the new design? Do you hate it? Are you indifferent? Share with us!