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Tuesday Question: One of Distinction

This season was special, even if it was abnormal.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

For four and a half weeks, Ole Miss baseball was a bat out of hell, crushing every team that dared get in its way.

Then abruptly, the season was over before it had really begun. I’m not going to spend time talking about COVID-19. You know about it.

Every season’s team is memorable in some way: be it the highs, the lows, or underpinning story-lines. The 2014 team will always be remembered as the team that finally made it to Omaha. The 2018 team will be remembered for losing a super regional to Tennessee Tech. We’ll always remember the season of Scott Bittle and “the Thing.”

So what about this year? What will we remember? Sure, there’s the fact that it was cut short, but how will this actual team live on in the zeitgeist of Ole Miss fans?

More to the point, does the flame that burned so bright but was quickly snuffed earn some kind of special honor? Let’s not forget, Ole Miss won sixteen consecutive games with its only loss coming against a first-round talent on the mound. It led the nation in home runs. It was fun. It was exciting. Doesn’t this team deserve some type of special recognition?

What’s an appropriate way for Ole Miss to honor this season’s lost baseball team?