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Oxford cracks top-five in Southern Living’s list of the South’s best college towns

The recognition it deserves.

Grayson Weir

If you went to Ole Miss, or have ever visited the college town of Oxford, Mississippi, you know first-hand what a special place it is. The people are kind, the culture is diverse and full of deep-rooted history, the food is heart-warming, and the whiskey is poured with a heavy hand. As the old adage goes, it’s the Velvet Ditch — meaning that it’s easy to fall into and hard to crawl out of because it’s just so dang comfortable.

Throughout the years, the quaint town of about 25,000 people has been recognized for its charm and beauty. This year is no exception, gracing Southern Living’s 2020 list of the South’s best college towns with its presence once again.

Coming in at No. 4 behind Chapel Hill, Charlottesville, and Athens, Ga., Oxford sits in front of towns like Auburn, Tallahassee, and Knoxville, Tenn.

Here is what the 54-year-old publication had to say:

Whether you’re heading to a tailgate at The Grove, stepping into the tomato sauce-infused air of primo pizza joint Saint Leo, or roaming the dust-tinged aisles of Square Books, you’ll instantly get it. This place has it going on. Oxford is super Southern. It has been home to the likes of William Faulkner, John T. Edge, and Eli Manning. And it knows how to throw a dang good party. (Ask anyone.) Hotty Toddy!

While No. 4 is not a bad spot, bias would lean the place that Ole Miss calls home to a higher degree than that of the Universities of Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.

Thus, it begs the question...

Did Southern Living get it right? Let’s hear your thoughts!