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Ole Miss Power Rankings: Bag Man Szn, Pt. II Edition

The Landshark Leaderboard is putting the packaged, unused burner phones in the storage room as recruiting 2019-2020 comes to a close.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Although not the out-of-control freight train with no ability to brake* that it once was, National Signing Day in February continues to have an effective hype man, as people still get excited or consider doing a swan dive down a well.

*Upon reflection, I have inadvertently described the 2010 film “Unstoppable”, starring Denzel Washington. My review: Not a waste of time if you see it on TV, but don’t go out of your way to see it.

For Ole Miss, Wednesday was a disappointment, but combined with the results in December, recruiting wasn’t a disaster, which is the primary goal of all transition classes. A secondary goal? Don’t get caught committing recruiting violations while recruiting a transition class!

The good news is there are several highly rated targets still out there who are interested in Ole Miss and plan to make their decisions later this month, year, or whenever, man. If any or all of those players decide to come to Oxford, wailing and gnashing of teeth will drop by 75 percent.

With the varying reactions to today’s version of Signing Day in mind, we explore where today took Ole Miss fans.

(1) “It was a transition class. I ain’t worried, fam.”

Probably the most reasonable reaction, as Lane Kiffin, in less that two months, had to put together a coaching staff and recruit most players without the benefit of a two- or three-year relationship. Despite doing 529 things at once, he managed to land three four-stars, vanish into the transfer portal and return with two players, and keep talent he inherited from going into the transfer portal.

Things could’ve been much, much worse, but we avoided despair, which should’ve been the expectation since he was hired. However, I don’t fault any Ole Miss fan who got too excited because, again, whenever hope shows up, we are unable to be reasonable.

(2) “Sure, it was a transition class, but, we gotta close big.”

Ah yes, closing strong on Signing Day. An Ole Miss tradition since — checks notes — that one time in 2013 and, oh, 2016 was good but pretty top-heavy. Oh, and don’t forget the one good Ed Orgeron* signing class.

*Still DYING that they gave him $42 million dollars. Double AH YES, the rush to keep another school from stealing him away. He deserved a raise, but sweet mercy, athletic directors are so bad at contract negotiations.

(3) “Today was fine, but December 2020 and February 2021 are judgment days.”

Yes, I thought this was understood from the day Kiffin got hired, no? Anything falling in the sweet spot of “not terrible” was always going to be fine. If 2019-2020 happens in the 2020-2021 recruiting cycle, then we should all proceed with SPORTS ARE TERRIBLE, I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE, YET I LET THEM MAKE ME MISERABLE.

A healthy way to live, friends.

(4) “ITS A GREAT DAY 2 B A REBLE !!111!!!”

Sir, you need to log back in to your Ole Miss Spirit account.

(5) “So what’s the word on Signing Day?”

(5) “So what’s the word on Signing Day?”

(5) “So what’s the word on Signing Day?”

Texts from your dad and/or mom, a non-immediate family member, and a friend who all want to know what’s going on but don’t want to invest the time and emotional resources in following recruiting. These people are geniuses, and I aspire to be them one day.


Let me suggest the slightest of brake-taps, as even if this recruiting class exceeded expectations, Ole Miss is at least (AT LEAST) two years away from potentially being competitive (not winning but not getting destroyed) with the top teams in the SEC.

We’re at best a .500 team next year and something similar the year after that. As I said earlier, if this continues, then yes, EMBRACE THE PAIN.

(9) “There’s more than one Signing Day?”

Text from your dad and/or mom, a non-immediate family member, or a friend who lives a life not as a prisoner of sports, but as someone who DOESN’T KNOW HOW LUCKY THEY ARE.

(10) “I have concerns about this staff.”

No one is going to read your 1,600-word post about people who were hired within the last two months. Pls log off.