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Ole Miss National Signing Day 2020: Tracking Letters of Intent and commitments as they happen

The first year of the Lane Train Era is here.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Welcome back to yet another year of fax machines and Cricket Wireless flip phones.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! For the majority of Wednesday morning and afternoon, high school students will enrage the Twitter masses with the simple stroke of a ballpoint pen as they commit to their favorite athletic program (out of the goodness of their heart and love of the game, no doubt).

To help you sift through the insanity that is National Signing Day, we’ve set up this post to track who’s signing where and who’s still up for grabs. Below, you’ll see five lists: 1) recruits who have signed letters of intent with Ole Miss on Wednesday, 2) recruits who have committed to the Rebs, 3) targets who remain uncommitted, 4) recruits who have committed or signed with other schools and 5) the 12 guys who signed with Ole Miss during the early signing period back in December.

We’ll be moving guys from list to list throughout the day as updates come in.

So for example: a guy might start in the targets list, then get moved to the committed to Ole Miss list after his announcement ceremony, then get moved to the signed with Ole Miss list after his LOI comes in.

Got it? Good.

Top targets

This list consists of the most realistic names left on the board for the Rebels.

  1. 5-star RB Zachary Evans
  2. 4-star WR Leonard Manuel
  3. 4-star S Marc Britt

Signed with Ole Miss on Wednesday

These guys have sent in their letters of intent. They’re listed in order of when Ole Miss confirmed receipt of the LOI.

  1. 3-star OT Cedric Melton
  2. 3-star OT Brady Ward (grayshirt)
  3. 4-star RB Henry Parrish
  4. 3-star OT Luke Shouse (grayshirt)

The ones that got away

We didn’t want ‘em anyway!

  1. 3-star TE Allen Horace (signed with UTSA)
  2. 3-star OG Marcus Henderson (signed with Arkansas)
  3. 3-star CB Daran Branch (signed with Georgia)
  4. 4-star S Donovan Kaufman (signed with Vanderbilt)
  5. 4-star WR Malachi Wideman (signed with Tennessee)

Signed with Ole Miss during the early signing period

These guys inked in December.

  1. 4-star OLB Otis Reese (transfer)
  2. 4-star TE DaMarcus Thomas
  3. 3-star OT Eli Acker
  4. 3-star OLB Jakivuan Brown
  5. 3-star RB Kentrel Bullock
  6. 3-star JUCO CB Lakevias Daniel
  7. 3-star OT Tobias Braun
  8. 3-star S Derek Bermudez
  9. 3-star WDE Cedric Johnson
  10. 3-star DT DeSanto Rollins
  11. 3-star ILB Austin Keys
  12. 3-star JUCO ILB Daylen Gill
  13. 3-star QB Kade Renfro
  14. 3-star TE Kenny Yeboah (graduate transfer)