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Lane Kiffin will be the talk of National Signing Day tomorrow for better or worse

One thing we know for sure is everyone loves talmbout Kiffin.

Southern Miss v Florida Atlantic Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

It’s almost here.

Wednesday marks one of the less productive days on the calendar across the southeastern United States as National Signing Day helps fans determine collective self-worth by the decisions of 17 and 18-year old athletes.

The Cup is prepared with copious amounts of coffee and deli meats for rapid consumption in the wee morning hours as any potential signees officially pledge to be Rebels. Keep a window open and locked to the site for constant refreshing, plz.

There is no doubt the Ole Miss signing class will be talked about in the Beacon and at the local restaurants across Mississippi grading Lane Kiffin’s success in this transition class.

But the Cup believes there is no doubt going to be many eyes nationally staring at Oxford to see how this class shapes up as well. It’s a new reality settling in with the arrival of Kiffin - analysts, reporters, and media just can’t stop talking about the guy.

So if five star running back Zachary Evans does end up signing at Ole Miss, there will be plenty of speculation as to the “Kiffin effect” of stealing a top prospect from Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs.

And if for some reason there are no major flips tomorrow, the class is still going to be improved from where Kiffin took over. It’s a win in my book, but there will undoubtedly be some detractors who expect more from the head coach who had so much hype attached to his name upon arrival.

The magnitude of whatever Kiffin accomplishes or fails at will be blown up by talking heads during NSD, and it’s important to know why that’s absolutely OK if you’re an Ole Miss fan. You can wallow in the bad news or get overly excited about the good news, but ultimately, Ole Miss is going to be talked about again nationally and be relevant again.

The hiring of Kiffin was about being nationally relevant again, and it has already shown itself in the amount of coverage Ole Miss football has received on national TV in the last two months. There’s little to no reason to talk about a team that just went 4-8 unless the reason is that everything is potentially about to change because of a new, exciting coach.

So strap in, signing day may get bumpy and go off the rails. Or it may bring about some of those really big moments Ole Miss fans remember from not that long ago - four and five star players flipping to the Rebels at the last moment, national top 10 prospects wearing red and blue, and most importantly all the attention that comes with it.