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Here’s when Ole Miss targets are announcing on National Signing Day

We will be updating this throughout the day.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Welcome to the Regular Signing Period! This is the time when college football Twitter once again collectively loses its mind over the college decisions of a bunch of 17-year-olds. It’s a particularly significant time for Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin, who is trying to put a very good-looking bow on top of his first signing class in Oxford.

A transition class to boot!

Commitments and letters of intent will be flying all over the place, so we’ve put together a handy tracker to help you keep up with when Ole Miss targets are planning to announce. These always seem to shift throughout the day, so we’ll do our best to update as needed. If you noticed something need changes, drop us a note and link in the comments.

And remember: never, ever tweet at ‘croots.

EDITOR’S NOTE: if any of these times change or we hear when those that are N/A currently will sign, we will update accordingly

National Signing Day 2020

Time (CT) Recruit Outcome
Time (CT) Recruit Outcome
8:00 AM 3-star TE Allen Horace signed with UTSA
9:00 AM 3-star OT Cedric Melton signed with Ole Miss
9:20 AM 3-star OG Marcus Henderson signed with Arkansas
9:30 AM 3-star CB Daran Branch signed with Georgia
10:15 AM 3-star OT Brady Ward committed to Ole Miss (grayshirt)
11:30 AM 4-star RB Henry Parrish signed with Ole Miss
12:00 PM 4-star S Donovan Kaufman signed with Vanderbilt
12:30 PM 3-star OT Luke Shouse committed to Ole Miss (grayshirt)
12:45 PM 4-star WR Malachi Wideman signed with Tennessee
N/A 5-star RB Zachary Evans
N/A 4-star WR Leonard Manuel
N/A 4-star S Marc Britt