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It’s time to name the Anthony Servideo-Peyton Chatagnier celebration

Fine, I will offer some options for the celebration that Ole Miss fans love and upsets so many others on the net.

Ole Miss Baseball-Twitter

Of all the sports available for consumption, baseball is one of the dumbest. There are rules for baseball that are written and can be found in a rule book, just like every other sport in the world, minus elementary school four square because every rule in that game was made up on the fly by a Kevin, Todd, or Chad, and now you’re out because you didn’t know when King Pancake Sampler rules were called, you have to play with only your left hand and hit every shot counterclockwise.

Baseball also has unwritten rules, which probably outnumber actual rules at this point, but we’ll never know since one of the unwritten rules is you never write down an unwritten rule (THE SYSTEM WORKS). One of the biggest unwritten rules calls for muted celebrations because yOu HaVE tO rEsPEcT tHE gAmE or some buzzword garbage someone made up along the way when they finally lost.

Because of this lunacy and fear of upsetting the HARRUMPH crowd, which is a supermajority in baseball, you rarely see baseball players losing their minds outside of walk-off home runs or base hits. That’s dumb! Celebrations are fun, and baseball, like all sports ultimately doesn’t matter, should want to increase fun to give its viewers a more enjoyable escape from the crush of non-online life.

The point being, a celebration like Anthony Servideo and Peyton Chatagnier’s should be enjoyed, encouraged, and given a very stupid name that Ole Miss fans love and sparks a diaper change among non-Ole Miss fans.

As not a coward, I submit the following:

  • 64 Jump Street
  • Bleach and Bake
  • The Yoknapatawpha Yee-haw
  • Exemplary Coordination
  • Tchaikovsky’s Sardis Lake
  • 2 Maverick 2 Goose
  • Microsoft Servideo Chat 1.0
  • Coop Pey Ville
  • The Bunt Buster
  • Boyz n the Straight Billz
  • Dunken on a Stick
  • No Cover at The Library*
  • Bro Meets Bro
  • As I Lay Dunking Because GREAT TEAMS TAUNT


Throw your weight behind one of the above or submit your own in the comments. Not to worry, Ole Miss Baseball will ignore all of these and yours, THOSE COWARDS.