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Ole Miss Power Rankings: Baseball School Edition

The Landshark Leaderboard crunched the numbers in the spreadsheets and a 70-1 record in 2020 is still in play.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Mississippi vs Alabama Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As a lifelong April-to-June Ole Miss baseball fan, it was a little disorienting to find myself invested in a baseball series before March. Yet, there I was, sweating out the Saturday and Sunday games against Louisville like it was some regional or Super Regional final we were absolutely going to lose.

It was nice for a change to not have a series or game end in Ole Miss fans logging on to Twitter dot com to scream about a bunt or defensive substitution that numbs the mind. In honor of Mike Bianco improving his record to 5-0 in home weekend series against the number one team in the country, we fire up an all-baseball power rankings.

(1) Making People Upset On The Net

If you recall, and how could you not, Ole Miss won the third and series-deciding game after Hayden Dunhurst, without leaping from his stance, threw out a Louisville baserunner to end the game. Ole Miss players were quite excited, particularly second baseman Peyton Chatagnier and shortstop Anthony Servideo.

Predictably, because Ole Miss players having fun was involved, people got quite angry online. Like so deliciously angry that said fun ruined their Sunday.

To accurately measure this anger, I created a chart to help explain just how mad some people got, based on their number of viewings of the celebration.

For example, the people who can’t wait to kick Ole Miss’ teeth in (as if they have a say in the outcome of the games) watched the video well north of 10 times because that’s a healthy thing to do as a non-Ole Miss fan.

(2) Celebration

Look, I know Top Gun: Maverick is most likely done filming, but if they don’t edit this high five into the inevitable callback volleyball scene, WE RIOT.

Jk, we will excuse the oversight, but we will demand it appears in Top Gun: Maverick Jr.

(3) Look At How High The Dang Ball Is

Post-off-the-dirt spike from Chatagnier:

You could stack two Chatagniers beneath that height.

(4) Traditional Celebration

(5) Cael Baker

Our dinger-hitting, husky, flowing locks son went 5-12, with two home runs and five RBIs over the weekend. It was enough to get himself on the radar of the Golden Spikes Award, which you may have heard is an award for people who do baseball well.

(6) Mike Bianco

Coming into this season, Bianco was a coach that didn’t have his contract rolled over and his continued employment wasn’t supported by many in the fanbase. Who knows where this season goes, but in the face of that heat, he took a series from the number one team in the country while plugging in a lot of new players.

(7) Back To That Throw

Again, Dunhurst did not come out of his stance or step in to the throw, and this happened:

(8) This Sandwich Not Being Served At Swayze Field


There are about 4.3 billion food-related things on Twitter that are disgusting and/or bland as hell, but this, this is may be the most repulsive non-mayonnaise-related thing I have ever seen. It might even top super-gross mayonnaise-related things.


Our best wishes to the Richt family as they get him into the finest clinics where he can receive injections to stop this madness.

(9) Back To Our Husky Son

Fam, just sending a 97-mph fastball into orbit.

Lol @ that arm extension.

(10) Beating Alcorn State

Our potential 70-1 sons were almost out here trying to make me re-write the majority of this post. Thanks to the fellas for getting it in gear on Wednesday night and not making me do more work. It is February (FEBRUARY), and I do not need all of this. We still have 10.5 months to go in 2020.