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What did you get for Christmas OPEN THREAD

Commercialism! Show off your swag


This post is dedicated to those who just need to flex a little bit on the day after Christmas.

Maybe you got Outback Bowl suite tickets, or maybe it was a more humble but equally swag “We Run the Sip” merch piece. For head coach Lane Kiffin, the Cup is hoping he is soon receiving a hefty raise and extension from athletic director Keith Carter.

Post your Christmas present pics in the comments if you’d like or just share what you got. Or if you got something great for the wife or kids, feel free to drop that below as well.

Personally, the kids got one of those pre-loaded mini consoles, and I have been knocking the rust off my Street Fighter skills. The muscle memory is still there, folks.

So... what’d you get? Pics of Air Kiffin shirts get auto rec’s.