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And The Valley Shook is still hungover from 2019 — our Q&A don’t lie

Joe Brady is so glad to be out of Red Stick.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The staff at And the Valley Shook are really pretty decent guys. It’s hard to tell from their answers here, but they ultimately just enjoy cracking a beer, feasting on roadkill in an outdoor tailgate, and hating on the Rebels.

Here’s our Q&A with one of the least desirable blogs in our conference.

So... 2019 was pretty great huh?

A lot of fun, y’all should try it sometime. We even got to go to Atlanta TWICE. Can you imagine? Oh wait you can’t. Now does being national champs and arguably the best team ever compare to being 2003 co-western division champs? Who’s to say.

What can Ole Miss fans expect from the quarterback position on Saturday? Any chance there will be a two-QB system?

What you can expect from the QB position is the next Heisman trophy winner to wear the purple and gold. Is Max Johnson better than Joe Burrow because he’s left-handed? Probably. Is he already on the Mount Rushmore of lefty quarterbacks alongside Steve Young, Tim Tebow and Mike Vick? Absolutely. Has he fulfilled my wildest dreams and then some? Brother you better believe it.

Will we play TJ Finley Saturday? There’s a chance. Johnson and Finley have both played in six of the seven games since Myles Brennan was lost for the year. But Johnson also played really well Saturday against Florida, and I think the sample size for TJ Finley is large enough to know what LSU has: a project. He’s got a heck of an arm but his processing leaves a little to be desired and he’s not mobile enough to survive being behind LSU’s mediocre at best offensive line.

Will there be any staff changes after Saturday’s game win or lose?

You may find this hard to believe but Bo Pelini has been a total disaster and if he’s not out the door when the clock hits zero I’m calling a congressman. Maybe not mine, but somebody’s congressman. Bo’s gotta go. And Scott Linehan needs to start cleaning out his office too. He was brought in to be some kind of third down and red zone wizard and LSU’s 102nd in third down percentage and 76th in red zone touchdown percentage. He’s getting paid $800,000 for that. Good work if you can get it, I’d love to be compensated that well for a job I’m that bad at.

Do you think the Florida game was a turning point for this squad moving forward into the final game and next season?

Oh absolutely there’s been a whole lot of bad swirling around the program and a win is most welcomed. Add in the fact that it’s against a top-10 team, on their field, as a 23-point underdog, and you ruin Florida’s season and yeah it’s a momentum shift for the whole program. More than anything, LSU just needs to get to the offseason but picking up a win over Florida, locking down a top-5 recruiting class and possibly getting back to .500 can salvage a pretty dreadful season.

What names on offense or defense are flying under the radar but Ole Miss fans should be aware of?

Kole Taylor’s the kid who had his shoe thrown, I imagine that will be talked about at great length. Max Johnson is Brad Johnson’s kid so if they start showing 2002 Tampa Bay Buc highlights that’s why. Kayshon Boutte is the kid who dropped the ball right before crossing the goal line against Alabama, but aside from that little gaffe he’s been awesome lately picking up 13 catches for 218 yards in the two games since Terrace Marshall opted out. I also really like freshman defensive tackle Jaquelin Roy, he gives me baby Glenn Dorsey vibes.

What’s your prediction for Saturday?

A week ago I would’ve said a totally disinterested LSU team goes through the motions and loses by a score of like 49-28. The 2020 LSU Tigers have been embarrassed time after time this year, Miss State, Missouri, Auburn, Alabama, what’s one more loss? But I think that Florida win changes everything for LSU and the TIgers take the chance at finishing 5-5 very seriously. Neither defense will be able to get a stop, but I think an aggressive LSU defense forces a turnover at a critical moment and LSU wins 45-41. Bo Pelini is then carried off the field by his players. They carry him all the way to the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport and they put him on the first plane heading literally anywhere on earth.