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Film Review: Important practice plays

With Ole Miss on a bye week, we take a look at plays that may help them win the bye week game.

California v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

You may be wondering why we’re not diving in to at least one element of the offense’s clinical dissection of Vanderbilt, and the answer to that is (gesturing at everything), it was all good and a case of a better team dominating. Plus, given that there is no game this weekend, we won’t be seeing a repeat of any of those plays, meaning we need to focus on the bye week.

Thursday was the last day of practice before the players are off until next week, which means it’s the last day to get in the crucial reps you need going into a bye week. Ole Miss did just that, with sophomore defensive back A.J. Finley getting some work in at quarterback against a defense featuring tight end Kenny Yeboah, moonlighting as a defensive end speed rush specialist.

As you see, Finley’s offense gives a pre-WWII look with a twist, as redshirt freshman defensive lineman LeDarrius Cox is in a passing down stance.

YOU’VE TIPPED THE DEFENSE OFF, LEDARRIUS. However, another great way to assist the defense is snap the ball to the quarterback in tribute to the snap Chad Kelly wrangled against Alabama in 2015. I forget the outcome of that particular play.

Like SWAG, Finley is like a cat and snags the snap that’s high.

After gathering the ball, Finley is in trouble, as tight end Jonathan Hess, formerly of the defense but now on defense, has broken through, Yeboah is unblocked on the backside, and freshman linebacker and blocker Carter Craig is literally doing the limbo.

As Finley bails to his left, he faces an unblocked Yeboah

Backed into the proverbial corner, the only move he has left is to hit him with the sauce.

After that escape, PUT IT ON THE BOARD.

Now, many people are talking, and we’re seeing a lot of momentum as we head into the bye week.

I hope you spend your Saturday doing some combination of recharging the batteries, stacking the paper against the spread (or on unders if you are a psychopath), and readying yourself for TEAM SHOOTOUT LIFE cranking out a 3-1 finish because we trust the process. LFG.