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Road to History: Elijah Moore sets Ole Miss single season receptions record

Career receptions record is in peril.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Elijah Moore is cementing his name in not only the Ole Miss record books, but as possibly one of the most productive offensive players ever in the history of the program.

On Saturday, Moore eclipsed AJ Brown for most receptions in a single season as he notched 12 catches against Mississippi State to reach 86 receptions for the year. AND HE DID IT IN EIGHT GAMES YOU GUYS. Brown, who is clearly a fantastic NFL wide receiver, had 85 catches over 12 games when he set the record. Moore is absolutely crushing this whole catching footballs thing.

That being said, it’s unlikely Moore is completely fed and happy. So let’s look at the next goal for our very fast wide receiving son from Florida. The SEC single season reception record is probably going to be too much of a stretch at 124 (Amari Cooper, 2014 Alabama). Now that I have typed that, who am I to say Lane Kiffin won’t make that happen?

With two games remaining and a possible bowl game, we’re still talking 38 catches to tie the record — not impossible but unlikely given all the circumstances surrounding the next few games.

The next record likely to fall into the flaming hot Moore reception volcano is the career reception record at Ole Miss which is held by Laquon Treadwell at 202. Treadwell did this in three seasons, and Moore is in his third season so apples-to-apples for the most part.

Currently, Moore sits at 189 catches for his career, only 13 shy of Treadwell’s career mark. Let’s plug all these numbers into the RCR supercomputer and see how this record breaking year is looking.

While LSU and Texas A&M may have a plan to limit Moore’s touches, I’m fairly certain every other defensive coordinator in the SEC did too, and it seems only Auburn’s worked. Moore still got five catches against the Tigers, so even two lighter production games to close the season would have No. 8 extremely close to the Treadwell record.

It would be amazing to see what Moore could have done potentially with a full year, including some scrub non-conference opponents, in Kiffin’s system. Averaging nearly 11 catches per game, it’s entirely possible Moore would have the SEC record for receptions in a 12 or 13-game season.

One more year? Nah, go take those talents to the NFL and keep building the Ole Miss legacy as the new WRU.