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Are Matt Corral and Elijah Moore the best pairing since John Stockton and Karl Malone?

Toot toot, goes the hype train.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Elijah Moore and Matt Corral have become one of the the most dynamic pairing in college football right now.

Get ready to get hype y’all. It’s OK to be excited about this.

If you're an Ole Miss fan, there has been no shortage of story lines of these two this season. You might think it’s overdone, it’s like beating a dead horse, but it's not. They’re unbelievable together.

What John Stockton and Karl Malone were to the 90’s, Corral to Moore are now bringing to the “roaring” 2020’s.

Stockton and Malone dominated the NBA and had a chemistry that was unmatched. While I understand it’s difficult to compare basketball playing style to football playing style, the numbers don’t lie. Stockton holds the current record for all-time assists, and Malone averaged 25 points per game. They put up incredible stats that broke records, but they were never able to close out a championship. Stockton and Malone had perfected the pick-and-roll combo that was a security blanket everywhere. Stockton delivers to Malone, and the “mail-man” delivered. The best duo to never win a championship.

While it is highly likely Moore will be leaving after this season, (don’t go!!! but also yeah go!) his name is not one that will be forgotten anytime soon. Moore now holds the record of being the only player in SEC history to have consecutive games of 225+ yards. He is also the quickest player in Ole Miss history to reach 1,000 yards, and it only took seven games.

Corral now holds the Ole Miss record for most consecutive pass completions (19), and tied with Eli Manning for six touchdowns in a single game. He has led the SEC in passing yards, and has played lights out this season.

(I also want to mention that implementing a drop game would be a good idea. Similar to a drop grade on a test that only the best teachers do in college. So the Arkansas game, is dropped. )

Ole Miss has done better this season then most people expected, but they are still sitting at 3-4 heading into rivalry week. I think most people can agree that this is not a reflective record of the season that the offense has had. An all-SEC schedule should make it harder to come up with huge record-breaking numbers almost every game. The best duo not to win close games they should have.

After Corral’s record breaking Vanderbilt game, Corral just wanted to talk about Elijah Moore’s success and the impact that he has had.

“The kid was always working, and that rubbed off on me,” said Corral. “I’m talking back in the summer. We would always be together, and I was slowly trying to change my mindset, and finally, it just clicked. Now, I’m pedal to the metal. Elijah sees that. Just working with him in the off-season created that chemistry that we’ve had...just us being friends outside of football. Just knowing him and knowing how he thinks, I think that plays a big part.”

It doesn’t matter which one you ask, the credit and praise is given to the other. There is no drama or jealousy, just a constant drive to push each other to be better. The chemistry that is there between these two leads me to believe that there is no other duo in college football like them. The combination between Matt Corral’s accuracy and Elijah Moore’s shiftiness is deadly. Corral delivers to Moore, and Moore delivers... every time.

P.S. If Ole Miss was sitting at 5-2 right now, there would be no debate on this team. Every sports show would be talking about them, instead of forgetting their names. Really Dari Nowkhah??