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A valuable lesson in knowing where Terrell Buckley is

Almost 30 years since his last college game, you still can’t throw on T-Buck.

Terrell Buckley

Throughout his collegiate and professional playing careers, Ole Miss cornerbacks coach Terrell Buckley feasted on quarterbacks who were late with the ball, unaware they were throwing in his direction, or convinced they had the arm talent to negate Buckley’s cover skills. These failures and foolish thoughts led to Buckley amassing 71 combined interceptions during his playing days.

At Florida State, one of Pascagoula’s finest intercepted 21 passes in 34 games (!!!), with four of those returned for touchdowns, and he holds the NCAA record for career interception return yards with 501. His 21 interceptions are also a Florida State school record, where he managed to intercept seven more passes than Lee Corso (not a joke!; also not a joke, Corso is tied with Deion Sanders at 14!).

Upon moving to the NFL, where he spent 13+ seasons, Buckley made opposing head coaches and offensive coordinators cuss up a storm at least 50 times in 209 career games. Of those half a hundred picks, he returned six for touchdowns.

The point of these numbers and being a T-Buck hype man is that, if you’re a quarterback, you need to: 1) know where he is on the field, and 2) not throw that way. Seems simple, yes?

Wellllllllll, not so much. Way back in 1991, here is Michigan quarterback Elvis Grbac not adhering to those two simple rules.

Come for the pick six action, enjoy the vintage Keith Jackson, and stay for GREAT PLAYERS TAUNT.

As I mentioned, the QUARTERBACK HARASSMENT didn’t stop at the next level. Here are nearly 11 minutes of T-Buck doing just that, with some punt returns thrown in because he was also outstanding in that area.

Which brings us to, I assume, the end of Ole Miss’ practice on Thursday. Not sure who’s playing quarterback here, but he failed to follow the two simple rules mentioned above and look what happened.