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Impromptu Ole Miss bye week watch schedule

Stress-free, red, hot, American football!

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan State Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss had its first game of the year postponed due to COVID-19 this week at no fault of its own, so I’m back in the blogger chair telling you what games to watch this weekend in the Rebs’ stead.

There are a decent number of games this weekend, some of which won’t be particularly close, but hey, it’s football, and unless you have money on the games (GAMBLIN!), you won’t be stressing while watching it.

Per usual (and by “usual” I mean the one other time I’ve done this), I’m including date, times and the current betting line, all of which in the midst of COVID-19 are subject to change. Away we go.

No. 9 Indiana at No. 3 Ohio State

11 a.m., FOX

Ohio State -20.5

If Indiana pulls out its witchcraft and wins this one, they’re dead in the middle of the CFP conversation. The year of our Lord 2020 needs some happiness, and honestly, I’d like it to come in the form of the Indiana Hoosiers competing in the college football playoff. And also those Buckeyes fans who are insufferable, painted up, and wear Mardi Gras-like beads everywhere they go to experience intense sadness.

Ohio State is favored by 20.5 however, which means they’ll probably win (Vegas has tall buildings for a reason), but that number feels too high for me. We’ll see.

No. 4 Clemson at Florida State

11 a.m., ABC

Clemson -35.5

Remember when we all thought Ole Miss was going to hire Mike Norvell? LOLZ.

No. 6 Florida at Vanderbilt

11 a.m., ESPN

Florida -31.5

You: *falls asleep watching College Gameday*

You: *wakes up to Florida burning Nashville to the ground*

You: *cries*

Appalachian State at No. 15 Coastal Carolina

11 a.m., ESPN2

Coastal Carolina -5.5

Of the games I’ve given you so far at 11, this has the closest line. I plan on watching this one just to see these sick App State patriotic unis in action. Plus I have a soft spot for both teams for some reason.

LSU at Arkansas

11 a.m. — SEC Network

LSU -1.5

Something about this game, once a very fun rivalry that has since been replaced at the end of the season, being at 11 o’clock on the SEC Network makes me sad. Still, neither of these teams are particularly good, so it makes sense.

No. 7 Cincinnati at UCF

2:30 p.m. — ESPN

Cincinnati -6

Top-10 Cincy!

Kentucky at No. 1 Alabama

3 p.m. — SEC Network

Alabama -30

If you endure the inevitable pain of The Battle for the Golden Boot and are a sicko, you’ll be sticking around for Kentucky and the Tide. NSFW tbh.

Tennessee at No. 23 Auburn

6 p.m. — ESPN

Auburn -10.5

I’m actually looking forward to this game. Maybe because of the aesthetics of two very solid SEC uniforms in primetime and not the brand of football on display, but still. I have a weird feeling that this one will be fun.

Mississippi State at No. 13 Georgia

6:30 p.m. — SEC Network

Georgia -25

Weeping and gnashing of teeth.

No. 14 Oklahoma State at No. 18 Oklahoma

6:30 p.m. — ABC

Oklahoma -7

Bedlam seems to always live up to its incomparable Big Twelvedness, and it being at 6:30 on ABC Is a very solid time slot, one that will have my attention alongside Tennessee-Auburn.

Missouri at South Carolina

6:30 p.m. — SEC Network Alternate

Missouri -6.5

How will South Carolina look after Matt Corral and Elijah Moore ran Will Muschamp out of town?

Michigan at Rutgers

6:30 p.m. — Big Ten Network

Michigan -7.5

Wrong team favored?

No. 20 USC at Utah

9:30 p.m. — ESPN

USC -3