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Road to History: Elijah Moore remains on pace and then some to obliterate the record book

No. 8 in your program, No. 1 in your hearts.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, it’s very likely we are witness to the greatest season a wide receiver has ever had at Ole Miss in Elijah Moore.

After Saturday’s thrashing of Sakerlina, Moore became the quickest player in Ole Miss history to reach 1,000 yards (only seven games!). He now stands just a few hundred yards away from the single season record for yards with three games left to play, plus he is only 11 catches short of the single season reception record.

All in less games. All in conference only play.

It’s mind boggling a player who stands just 5-foot-9 and 185-pounds continues to:

  1. Get open
  2. Catch almost everything
  3. Smash records held by current NFL wide receivers.

But this is what head coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby bring to the table when they are on your staff. It’s the ability to see Moore was a superstar waiting to be discovered — Ole Miss fans who watched Moore in his first two seasons knew he had quickness and moves to be special potentially, but this coaching staff took it to the next level, deciding to feed our diminutive Ft. Lauderdale son every week.

Let’s look at the devastation he laid on Sakerlina this week and his ultimate chase for the receiving record currently held by AJ Brown. Red Cup supercomputer, whatcha got for us?

Three games this season over 200 yards receiving!

In the more than century of Ole Miss football played, there had been four 200-yard receiving games up until this year. Moore has almost single-handedly doubled that total while averaging more than 10 catches per game.

So what else can Moore accomplish this season?

It seems breaking the reception record is a given along with the single season yardage record. The stretch goal in my opinion is the career reception record held by Laquon Treadwell — Moore would need to finish the season with more than 100 catches for this to happen.

And honestly, who is going to doubt him at this point?