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THE SEASON: No Context

We’ve taken screenshots from our favorite Ole Miss-produced show and are providing them with zero context.

If you are logged on and very online, you’ve likely seen or follow one of the out-of-context Twitter accounts devoted to a TV show, movie, or just about anything else. As an example, I follow a no context account that only tweets screenshots from The Good Place.

Related, if you haven’t watched “The Good Place”, please change that and make your life way forkin’ better, man. At the very least, you will develop an affection for all things Jacksonville but particularly the Jacksonville Jaguars in the time of quarterback Blake Bortles.

The no context concept is simple, dumb, and usually produces a moment of mild amusement while mindlessly scrolling, which is the essence of the Twitter dot com experience.

To create an Ole Miss version of this concept, I turned on the subtitles and took screenshots during each football episode of The Season from 2020, which you can find here and elsewhere on the world wide web, with a new episode added every Wednesday night at 6 PM.

Now, without any more yammering from me, let us begin The Season: No Context.