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At a time when Lane Kiffin should log off, he logged on and owned the SEC on Twitter

Legendary status.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday’s disappointing 35-28 loss to Auburn, the SEC admitted to mishandling the muffed kickoff late in the game. In case you missed, the Tigers’ Shaun Shivers attempted to field the short kickoff and it appeared that the Auburn running back touched the football as it went by, rolling into the end zone.

Furthermore, upon review, the officials did not blow the play dead until the Rebels’ Tylan Knight was recovering the football in the end zone, effectively giving what should have been six points for the home team.

Nevertheless, the officials ruled it a touchback, giving the ball to Auburn and eventually giving them the opportunity to drive down and score to take the lead and steal an SEC road win.

Two days after the game and after head coach Lane Kiffin expressed his displeasure with the missed call, he reportedly talked with conference officials about what happened. He then did what they said not to do and was still fined for whatever reason.

Well, Kiffin didn’t take it lying down.

Others shared the same sentiment.

Kiffin continued to hammer away at the SEC on Twitter for screwing this up.

And then off the top rope.

Look, it sucks that Ole Miss is sitting at 1-4 after back-to-back weeks of having a chance to win a football game in the fourth quarter only to come up short. But, the point remains here that Kiffin turned a negative into a positive in a COVID-abbreviated season that has been difficult for everyone.

Again, the Ole Miss coach has continued his quest to rebuild the program’s brand of a football team that can compete week in and week out with the conference’s best. Whether that’s with one of the most exciting offenses in the country, taking Alabama to the brink, or on Twitter, throwing the conference shills in a body bag, Kiffin is doing everything in his power to fight for Ole Miss, its players, its coaches, and the fans.

This is a metaphorical billboard to the current players and to prospective recruits everywhere that if you come to Oxford to further your football career that the head coach will fight for you on and off the field. And on Twitter.

It’s quite refreshing to have this and we could not be more proud of OUR head football coach.

Oh, and SEC...