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Road to history: Auburn slowed Elijah Moore’s record-breaking progress, but he’s still on pace

Saturday was his worst game of 2020.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Boy, howdy, Elijah Moore had a little bit of a rough week against Auburn.

Five receptions for 15 yards and a touchdown is not exactly what head coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator undoubtedly had planned for Ole Miss’ catch leader against the Tigers.


Our diminutive leader of the Rebel offense is still well on his way to setting the single season catch record currently held by AJ Brown. Yeah, that AJ Brown with the Tennessee Titans and Starkville mayoral fame.

We plugged the numbers into the Red Cup supercomputer that is hidden in the third floor bathroom at the JD Williams library, and here’s where Moore lands for the season so far.

This week, Ole Miss travels to Vanderbilt, and undoubtedly, there will be high expectations from Rebel fans to really flex some offensive muscle and score a ton of points on the Commodores. Moore will be the central focal point yet again of the opposing defense, but I have a feeling he will continue to get his catches.

To me, the coaching staff is working overtime to get the ball in Moore’s hands regularly, and opposing defensive coordinators in my opinion are looking to more limit Moore’s yards after catch rather than completely deny him the ball. Sure, give No. 8 five to eight catches, but let’s get it down to 50 yards or less if they can.

Ultimately, Moore sits at 47 catches in five games with more than nine catches per game and still well on his way to a season record if he maintains this pace. So do you think Moore will break the record? How many receptions will he notch against Vandy? Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion with your best guesses for what Moore does next.