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Red Cup Betting Guide: Week two has intrigue, fat spreads

Step right up and gaze upon these gleaming and beautiful picks

HORSE RACING: SEP 05 Kentucky Derby Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This year at Red Cup the staff is picking every SEC game outcome with the help of our friends at Tallysight.

Last week, it was a bloodbath for our guy Gray Hardison who went 2-6 against the spread (yikes), and now he is reportedly downsizing to a refrigerator box under the Madison overpass while he rebounds this week. Best of luck to him.

Yaboi, One Man to Beat, Zach Berry, and Cup friend Will Gates posted 5-2 records against the spread, and Juco All-American who is a straight up rascal went 6-1. Get Juco to a casinah ASAP you guys.

But now our attention turns to week two of the SEC season, and we know just a little more about every team though apparently, according to every coach forever, teams get the most improvement from week one to week two. Let’s see if our picks go into a tailspin in the next 48 hours.

Every single staffer picked the Rebels to beat a 6.5-point spread against Kentucky this weekend, but two of eight pickers chose the Wildcats to beat the Rebels on Saturday. Obviously, we’re expecting Matt Corral to cook a little bit, and we were underwhelmed by Kentucky’s 16-point loss to Auburn. For me personally, I think Kentucky played well enough to beat Auburn, but they faltered down the stretch, which I don’t think happens at home. This is the Rebels first road trip, and I’m cautiously optimistic with my pick to beat the spread but unfortunately come up short.

Outside of this blip, the staff unanimously picked Tennessee, Florida, Bama, Mississippi State, Georgia and LSU to win its respective games — go put a parlay on those six if you can potentially and make a few bucks.

When it comes to picking against the spread, it’s a hodgepodge of opinions on every single game other than the Ole Miss-Kentucky match-up. Pick your Red Cup horse you’re going to ride with in the comments, hit up your favorite betting site/casino, and let us know where we went wrong this week.