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Betting Guide: Week Two is bringing a Brinks truck


York Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Oh, how much ya boi OMTB has learned over one week of college football.

There’s teams that disappointed. There’s teams that overachieved. And as the wins and losses piled up, the degenerate gamblers pored over every decision to start piling up cash for the next week’s slate of games.

So here we are in week two with four more lock it down, can’t miss picks to take you from the outhouse to the penthouse. Read this while riding a Greyhound bus to Tunica, place the bets, and then drive home in a Rolls Royce (probably there’s gotta be one in Tunica you can buy right?).

Again, we pick an over, an under, a spread, and a money line, and I’ve even included the Ole Miss game just to get the blood pressure nice and tight.

Southern Miss @ Mississippi State — O/U 51

Last week, each of these teams scored 38 points against lesser opponents (ULL and Alcorn State). With a 2:30 p.m. kickoff, it will be extremely hot in Starkville, and I think the defenses are going to get gassed early on. Neither defense is especially great, but the head coaches are both offensively focused in my opinion. Mississippi State knows it needs to put Southern Miss away early, so it will be pressing to make that happen while the Mustard Buzzards will be pulling every trick out of its hat to stay in it. I see this one ending at like 38-21 easily coming in at an over.

New Mexico State @ Alabama — O/U 65

Alabama should have this game put away by halftime. The over/under just seems a little high to me, because I would be pretty surprised if New Mexico State scores. Last week, the Aggies lost 58-7 to high powered offense Washington State. They are going to take some lumps against Alabama, everyone knows that, but I think the under is going to hit as Tide players find it hard to motivate themselves to a tenth touchdown on the day.

Texas A&M @ Clemson (+17)

Call me nuts if you want, but I think the Aggies are going to keep this closer than 17. Bet on Texas A&M to cover the spread. Clemson blew out a Georgia Tech team transitioning coaching staffs, but this week is a year two Jimbo Fisher-led Aggie team with usually underwhelming QB Kellen Mond under center. Remember last season the Aggies lost by 2 though Clemson was still figuring out its quarterback situation between Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence. The Tigers have also lost its unbelievably great defensive line from 2018 though seem more dangerous offensively, if that’s possible. A&M has a chance to shake up the title chase, so I think they’ll be bringing its best and keeping it to potentially single digits on the road.

Arkansas @ Ole Miss (-190)

Bet on the Rebels to win and avoid the -6 spread. It’s not that six points is impossible for the Rebels to win by, but this is the safer bet this week. This game has been the definition of improbability and insanity the past few years. Both teams desperately need this game already to keep the dream alive for a bowl game, so it will undoubtedly be close and anxiety inducing. The evening kickoff and home field advantage matter as the Rebels come out with the win, and more importantly you’re able to buy a new pair of kangaroo hide boots.

Last week, the betting guide went 2-2, so pretty much we’re as valuable as a coin flip or maybe just asking a few random people at a gas station for betting advice. If we don’t get better, we’ll continue to make picks, and you’ll just know to do the opposite - win/win for everyone except my bank account.

So what are your picks for this week and what do you think of our slate? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with your betting slips for this week and wins from last week.