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Tuesday Question: One of Conviviality

Talmbout that 901 and Ole Miss’ future.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The time honored tradition of a Tuesday question (that we publish on Wednesday sometimes because I’m forgetful) is back! Look forward to a season of questions asking you, the commenting public to dive deeply into your sometimes well informed brains and make yourself think creatively for once in your god forsaken lives. Each week, we’ll explore the misery that is Ole Miss football! Hooray!

Memphis and its surrounding suburbs house a stunning number of Ole Miss alumni, and the city itself is quite interesting: what for the music, the food, and the nightlife.


The University of Memphis is maybe not as fun. Not only does the game Ole Miss regularly plays against Memphis lack prestige or significant accomplishment, it’s also one that has recently foiled Ole Miss. In 2003, Memphis beat Eli Manning who went on to the Cotton Bowl. In 2015, the Tigers beat Chad Kelly’s Sugar-Bowl-bound Rebels. This season... well... you know. It wasn’t great.

The school does, however, have a good basketball team that occasionally plays the Rebels in exchange for a football home and home.

So the question of the day is...

Should Ole Miss continue to play football against the University of Memphis?

Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion and we’ll definitely 100 percent send it all to our athletic director and maybe even the chancellor, you know, once we hire them.