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Tuesday Question: One of Presence

Help us help you.

California v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

There seems to be a general sense of indifference around the program at the moment. Numerous defeats at the hands of programs that aren’t very good has led to a 2005 level of not caring anymore. At one time, I was always angry during and after losses. Now, they just don’t matter.

Yes, the losses are problematic to the psyche of fans. But there will be more. Plenty more. The offense isn’t suddenly going to get good. The defense isn’t suddenly going to revert back to knowing what’s going on like they did against Memphis and Arkansas. This team may or may not win another SEC game this season. That’s a point we just need to accept.

While this has led to a major decrease in attendance, the stadium is even barer than when Ed Orgeron was helming those horrific teams. So it’s not just about the losses. Attendance is down everywhere, but it’s especially down at Ole Miss. So the question is....

What could Ole Miss do, outside of winning games, to get fans back in the stadium for the rest of the season?