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FanPulse Top 25 - Week 4: Wisconsin is jumping around

The Badgers jump into the top 10 after boat-racing the Michigan™️ Men.

Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Week four was fun*! The big games did not disappoint and there were a few upsets, causing the SBNation FanPulse Top 25 to shift and move rather quickly. The Rebs took a tough loss to the California Berkeley Golden Bears so they are still not receiving votes, but the top 10 has some new entries.

The biggest of note is the Wisconsin Badgers who are now among the top ten teams in the country after ripping the heart out of the Great Lakes. Also making a move are the Auburn Tigers who went on the road and defeated Texas A&M and are now up one spot. Florida, Texas, and Penn State are also making moves and the biggest backward movement this week are the UCF Golden Knights who dropped seven spots after losing to Pitt.

* = unless you’re an Ole Miss fan

Here is where the FanPulse sits nationally:


And here are the rankings according to you, the readers!

FanPulse Top 25: Week 4

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Clemson 4-0
2 Alabama 4-0
3 Georgia 4-0
4 LSU 4-0
5 Oklahoma 3-0
6 Auburn 4-0
7 Ohio State 4-0
8 Wisconsin 3-0
9 Florida 4-0
10 Texas 3-1
11 Notre Dame 2-1
12 Penn State 3-0
13 Oregon 3-1
14 Utah 3-1
15 Iowa 3-0
16 Texas A&M 2-2
17 Michigan State 3-1
18 Boise State 4-0
19 Michigan 2-1
20 USC 3-1
21 Washington 3-1
22 Washington State 3-1
23 UCF 3-1
24 Virginia 4-0
25 Cal 4-0

Lastly, now that the Rebs are 2-2 through 14 of the schedule, here is where you are in terms of the direction of the football program.