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Red Cup Betting Guide: Week 3 is here to pay off your college loans

Come on in, the water made of money is fine.

Arcade Photo by Uwe Zucchi/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Department of Education is fixing to get a tidal wave of cash from the winnings you’re about to compile and rain down on them.

Being an adult is about being responsible, the best way to be responsible is to put your money to work for you rather than the other way around — any accountant will agree with me. Get to a casino and put those hundreds to work right now is what I’m saying.

The Betting Guide went a smooth 3-1 last week to raise our season total to 5-3, which is pretty good, but we need a solid four game parlay for you guys and gals to really be able to build a pyramid out of gold bars this week. Had Alabama laid off the poor Aggies of New Mexico State, we were close to covering all four games last week with ease including the Ole Miss pick over Arkansas.

So with our confidence skyrocketing, let’s take a good ole peek at our over, under, spread, and money line picks for the week.

Oklahoma at UCLA — Sooners (-24)

UCLA is really not very good this year. They sit at 0-2 with losses to San Diego State and Cincinnati. Oklahoma meanwhile is gearing up for a Heisman campaign with Jalen Hurts to make a run at the title. The Sooners are averaging almost 60 points per game granted against less than stout competition, but UCLA has scored 14 against somewhat comparable competition. This is going to be a boat race with the Sooners covering 24.

Washington State at Houston — O/U 75 points

Mike Leach and Dana Holgerson on a Friday night means get a 30 rack of Busch Light and let the offensive fireworks wash over your subdued consciousness. This is going to be a shootout especially when you consider what Houston was able to put up on Oklahoma earlier this season (lost 49-31). I can see this one being 45-35 or something to that effect with Wazzu coming out as the winner. Lots of points though because honestly defense is kind of boring. Bet the over.

Iowa at Iowa State (+120)

College Gameday is going to be in attendance for the CyHawk Game (I think this is what it’s called based on my memory of NCAA 2014). This is a classic state school vs. flagship kind of rivalry that Iowa is dominating with 44 wins and 22 losses and riding a four game win streak against ISU. HOWEVER, the Cyclones got a scare in the first game of the season against Northern Iowa going to two overtimes, and they have had two weeks to prepare for what is perceived to be one of the biggest games of the year. Bet Iowa State to pull off a close, hard fought, corn filled, win.

Colorado State at Arkansas — O/U 61 points

Holy smokes, that is a lot of points for an Arkansas team who is averaging 18.5 points per game at home versus a scrappy Colorado State team. The Rams are averaging 34.5 points per game, but they weren’t able to stop Colorado from running all over them in week one. I think Arkansas could potentially pull off a win with Nick Starkel at starting quarterback, but I don’t see a ton of points for either team in this game. If it was 27-21 or something like that either way, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t see either team getting over 30 points.

So what did we get right? Have you have a big win so far this season? Post your winning ticket and show off the spoils of your wins. If you’ve got a bet that can’t miss, comment or tweet @redcuprebellion and let’s get rich together.