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Ole Miss Power Rankings once again featuring 100 percent more Super Regional content

Following the softball team’s lead, our powder-blue-wearing sons extend their season.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Well, well, well, look who decided to dump a few tons of trash on the haters. As one of those covered in trash, I embrace the stench I deserve and hope for a another round of it following this weekend’s Super Regional against Arkansas in Fayetteville.

If you neglected last week’s praise for Ole Miss baseball, you may take that in here. If you want to go straight into this week’s praise for Ole Miss baseball, continue below.

(1) Ole Miss Baseball (SO BACK)

I, for one, endorse the strategy of “he’s just a kid out there” (copyright: every announcer ever talmbout Brett Favre). Turns out, when you play with passion and non-tight sphincter muscles, good things can happen!

Who knows if the good times will carry through this coming weekend (they probably won’t), but it was nice to watch an Ole Miss team play well enough to the point we were in no danger of suffocating from anxiety. There are few things more enjoyable in all of sport than when things start clicking for your team.

(2) Winning Regionals by a combined score of 41-7



Pls no.

Again, I think we’ll be having the same “has he had enough postseason success” argument next year, but he earned all of the OLE MISS ELITISTS TIP OF THE TOP HATS from all fans over the weekend. Pro tip from a non-baseball professional: try whatever you did last weekend again, except for the bunting.

(4) Thomas Dillard

All our power-hitting, lead-off-batting son did this weekend was go 5-11, with 3 home runs, 9 RBIs, and 6 runs scored. Oh, and let us not forget, he was about three feet from adding a fourth home run (third in one game) on Sunday night against Jacksonville State.

More importantly, his actions delivered the internet beer shower #content we all need.

(5) Grae Kessinger

(5) Will Ethridge

(5) Thomas Dillard Redux

(5) Cooper Johnson

GET PAID, FAM. These four #YOUTHS were selected during the second, fifth, and sixth rounds of the Major League Baseball Draft (perhaps you have heard of it) and stand to make some financial gains.

We salute them for their contributions to Ole Miss and hope they go on to dunk on their fellow professional baseball players. It would also be neat if they could do the same to Arkansas.

On a personal note, to my fellow Gray/Grae/Grey cousin (WE ALL DRINK FROM THE SAME SPRING), congratulations on soon having more people in your life who will call you Greg or Craig because apparently everyone we speak to is hard of hearing.

(9) Matt Luke

Fresh off a week where his new boss won’t be in place for months or even prior to 2020, Jerrion Ealy, the five-star running back croot, is present and accounted for in Oxford and will play for Luke in 2019.

One should assume Luke is not insane and would not follow in the footsteps of his mentor, David Cutcliffe, who would two billion percent redshirt Ealy because SENIOR LEADERSHIP HARRUMPH. By that I mean, Ealy will most likely see the field in 2019 and not on special teams, like a certain greatest linebacker in Ole Miss history who didn’t start for two years.

(10) Terence Davis

Our sometimes-out-of-control-yet-staggeringly-explosive son is working his way to potentially getting his name called in the NBA Draft. Behold, the words from NBA beat wri-

(puts hand to ear)

Wait, I’m being told we have some exclusive reminder video. Let’s roll it.

Anyhow, back to the NBA writers on TD.

And something from the Utah Jazz’s official Twitter account:

I would be surprised* if TD got drafted, especially in the first round, but it’s not irrational to think teams would look at his athleticism and explosiveness and believe they can mold him into a rotation role player who can be a good defender and not a stiff on offense.

It seems like such a pick would be a gamble, but perhaps this draft is on the weaker side. Whatever the case, I would love to see TD get his name called and stick around in the league for the next decade or so, occasionally providing a freakish dunk that no one sees coming.

*”Andy Kennedy watching TD make a lay-up in a 1-on-4 opportunity” surprised.