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Podcast Rebellion: Sikes Orvis is here to give out advice for the Super Regional

We also go down a deep wormhole for Ole Miss baseball story-time and discuss the 2019 MLB Draft.

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Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

The Super Regional starts on Saturday in Fayetteville so we figured we would bring our most seasoned field agent onto the pod to discuss all things postseason, Mike Bianco, MLB Draft, and memories in the red and blue.

Former Ole Miss first baseman and Omaha rascal Sikes Orvis is here to take us down a black hole of Bianco stories, folklore, and coachisms that we can all make good use of this weekend. He talks about his experience with the MLB Draft and why he thinks it would be beneficial to move it so it won’t interfere with NCAA Regional play.

And lastly, we all discuss the extreme amount of good fortune the Rebels have struck on day two of the MLB Draft.

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