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Ole Miss Power Rankings attempts to rise from the ashes

After a week in self-imposed exile, the Landshark Leaderboard is back with a special Matt Luke video.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

With the baseball team’s exit from competition, the 2018-2019 sports calendar has reached its end. I, for one, welcome the blankness because I need two months of the engines locked in the OFF position before the hollerin’ about Ole Miss sports starts again at the end of August.

If you thought this past year wasn’t all that enjoyable, hoooooo boy, then I encourage you to mentally prepare for something even worse or more of the same. As of this writing, Ole Miss has no chancellor and no athletic director and likely will not have either until 2020. So if you believe in plans, visions, and buzzwords ahoy, those are at least six months away and, at best, a year from bearing fruit.

Adding to that, the bread-winning football team will be worse or equally as bad*. Baseball will be worse, and the debate over coaching changes in those two sports will be louder and more intense.

*Two and three years ago, everyone pointed to 2019 and said what a struggle that season would be. Now, that time has arrived and there is optimism? Pray tell, when did we solve those problems? I must have missed that memo.

On a positive note, the men’s basketball team and women’s softball team should be about the same as last year. A SLIVER OF HOPE ON WHICH TO CLING.

(Pls sim to at least 2021)

(1) LINEBACKER Matt Luke

Forecast for opposing running backs calls for PAIN.

(2) Matt Luke’s genes

I mean, look at our Ole Miss-loving head coach.


That was 25 years ago, with just under 20 of those years being involved in coaching major college football, a somewhat stressful profession. Oh, and the last two and a half have been as head coach, which is enough to suck the life out of anyone.


(3) Matt Luke form tackle


(4) Matt Luke taunting

GREAT PLAYERS TAUNT. I’m assuming this was something like, “HEY, fella, WOO, HEY, you don’t have to be from Biloxi to get knocked out by Matt Luke and his family. HEY! HEY!”

(5) Matt Luke midriff jersey

PEAK 1994.

(6) Artist’s rendering of midriff powder blue shacket


Seriously, it’s going to be 178 degrees in the Liberty Bowl opening weekend, so why not let the interior breathe? Give the people what they want.

(7) Matt Luke taking care of his run fit

If only he could’ve shown Wesley McGriff how to teach that.

(8) Matt Luke getting off a block

They’re out here trying to single block, with a chip, the leader of the defense. THE DISRESPECT, FAM.

I suppose we can take solace in knowing that team earned themselves a 2nd and 11.

(9) Matt Luke Taunting: The Prequel

I have watched this portion of the video at least 25 times and have laughed every single time. If I were to get a series of 12 back tattoos, it would be this sequence.

(10) Matt Luke meme

For the sake of the Ole Miss Power Rankings over the next two months, we’re gonna need local news stations to release any and all Matt Luke high school video.