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Friday Question: One of ramifications

Let’s try and predict the future!

Auburn v Mississippi Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

What will Ole Miss’ win-loss record be this season?

We have asked the esteemed experts here at Red Cup Rebellion in our world famous Matt Slack Channel how we think the Ole Miss football team will fare in 2019 and folks, the taeks are hot!

Here is our Ole Miss football 2019 season predictions panel and the corresponding results:

Bob Lynch

“I think we maybe beat Vandy, lose to Cal, and win the other non-con. I think Ole Miss is gonna suck asshole this year.”


Whiskey Wednesday

“Ole Miss beats Memphis, Arkansas, SELA, Vandy, and New Mexico State. Unless Matt Corral is way higher-percentage than he looked last year. I do think the defense will look like it is composed of college athletes again, though.”


Juco All-American

“There’s a lot of uncertainty around this program, which could lead to wild swings in the win-loss column in several directions. The floor is probably three wins. The ceiling is probably seven. When we talk about an entire offense and aren’t mentioning many players older than sophomores, it’s just hard to predict too much success.”


One Man To Beat

“Start out 4-0, then Vandy, New Mexico State, and State. I think I’m being optimistic.”


Gray Hardison

“I think the offensive line will be abysmal. Anyone with a decent front four is going to wreck them.”



“Yeah, I think the offense will be competent, the defense bad but not as terrible as they have been. Think we beat all non-con except Cal, and pick up conference wins against Vandy, State, and Arkansas.”


Zach Berry

“I think we start 4-0 then somehow piece together two more wins.”


Nicholas Carr

“With the SEC road schedule we have, combined with two very losable out of conference games, getting to six wins is going to be too much for a young quarterback and receiving corps like we have.”


Ben Woodhouse

“Ole Miss starts 4-2 only to finish 1-5. The best win of the year is Arkansas at home, however if Missouri runs off the rails, I see a path to 6-6.”


Michael Borkey

“They’ll go to a bowl game imo. Schedule sets up nicely for them to rattle off a bunch of wins early before the grind of an SEC West schedule gets to them.”


Josh Shelton

“I’m cautiously excited to see how our run game goes this year.”


Will Gates



Tell us how you think the Rebels will do this fall and post your prediction below.

Crack on.