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Ole Miss Power Rankings now featuring 100 percent more Super Regional content

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The Landshark Leaderboard is looking forward to setting aside all responsibilities this weekend.

Oklahoma v Mississippi Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After dominating the weekend, Ole Miss softball decided to do the same to the Power Rankings. Granted, the competition was somewhat lacking, thanks to a bird (BIRD) derailing the men’s golf team because of course it did, and the other sport where they swing bats making every effort to end its season ASAP.

Let us hope we can get through the next week without another such WAOM momen - LOL NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. If you missed last week’s cap and gown show, you can correct that here, or you can slide in to this week’s edition of the Power Rankings...

(1) Ole Miss Softball

A second Super Regional in three years? Nbd, since, you know, we are a softball school and all.

To reach next weekend’s Super Regional, all Ole Miss had to do was beat Louisiana-Lafayette in back to back games on Sunday. While that may not seem like an outrageous quest, the Ragin’ Cajuns had a record of 214-6* and were winners of 447 straight games*, meaning Ole Miss had to twice best a team that was rarely bested over a large sample size.

*Per my algorithms and graphs

The Rebels did just that and closed out Sunday with a 2-0 record on the day, earning the right to travel to Tucson, Arizona for a Super Regional John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum showdown with the Arizona Wildcats. I, for one, look forward to the return of our old friend, crippling anxiety.

(2) Being a Softball School

So this is what it’s like to be a fan of a school that is good at its primary sport. What a weird, yet exciting feeling.

(3) The 6 Unassisted Putout

Whether it’s baseball or softball, everyone knows that when you load the bases with less than two outs and need one run for a walk-off win, the most successful way to score is by grounding into the ol’ 6 unassisted putout.

It’s Baseball/Softball 101.

(4) Kylan Becker

Kinda good at softball.

Twice! In all of sports!

(5) Mike Smith

Other than reaching a Super Regional in 40 percent of his seasons at Ole Miss, my favorite thing about Mike Smith is that he has never tweeted the word “compliance”.

(6) Abandoning Responsibilities

There’s nothing like cutting the brake lines and seeing what happens. Game One of the Tucson Super Regional is at 6 PM (Central Standard American Time) on Friday night, followed by a game on Saturday night and potentially another on Sunday night. What I’m telling you is to adjust your poor* decisions accordingly.

*And by poor I mean GREAT.

(7) Cliff Godwin

Not to worry, if Mike Bianco reaches the reduced bare minimum expectations and returns for Year 19, we’ll only need to see another declining year or two, followed by the two or three after that before making a change.

8) If Cliff Godwin Says No, Those People

Let’s say Bianco is done at the end of the season, who would be the most Ole Miss hire? HINT: he went to Ole Miss and coached baseball at Jackson Academy.

That’s right, get ready for THE LUKES OF LAFAYETTE, THE FALL’S HOTTEST NEW SHOW. Watch as Matt and Tom try to navigate the responsibilities of running two of the three biggest sports on campus! This Fall, only on the public access channel that comes in a little fuzzy!

(9) Floyd Allen

Congratulations and good luck, sir.

Has anyone ever incorporated throwing up the Landshark and riding a bull in a touchdown celebration? FOOD FOR THOUGHT, IMO.

(10) Chad Kelly

SWAG HAS BEEN UNLOCKED. Let us hope that he makes decisions that lead to the opposite of him, under the influence of (insert SWAG vice), entering a strangers home and being beaten out of it with vacuum tubes.

Our winning-in-Tuscaloosa son has arm strength that can only be matched by a sliver of a sliver of quarterbacks alive, and it would be a treat to watch him DIAL IT UP AGAIN, BOB.