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The Swingin’ Landsharks head to Point City for Egg Bowl Golf

One last tune-up before the SEC Championships.

Ole Miss Men’s Golf-Twitter

I usually go in depth on OUR GOLF SONS’ most recent tournament exploits. This is usually where I break down each individual round and espouse all the many glowing exploits of OUR FEARLESS SWINGING SHARKS. This is usually where I tell you how well the BIRDIE REBS faired against some of the nation’s toughest competition. I cannot do any of those usual things this week because things did not go well at Bulls Bay in Charleston. Like, at all. Like, so bad that lets pretend that it never even happened and that it was all just a crazy fever dream that for some reason had Hootie and the Blowfish on a golf course in it. Crazy, right? Let’s just forget it.

So rather than dwell on something that may or may not have happened two weeks ago, I’m choosing to look ahead. I’m choosing to focus on the opportunities that are still very much in front of this year’s team. Join me there, won’t you?

This Week’s Tournament: EGG BOWL GOLF! Old Waverly Collegiate Championship hosted by Mississippi State University

When: April 15-16

Where: West Point, Miss.

Golfweek Rankings: Team: No. 50

The Course: Old Waverly. The Jerry Pate/Bob Cupp design, host to the 1999 US Women’s Open and the upcoming 2019 US Women’s Am, is one of the premier golfing destinations in the state of Mississippi as long as you have an ability to completely ignore the close proximity of State’s campus to the premises. Balls literally break toward to Starkville Applebee’s during happy hour.

The Rebels:

Cecil Wegener (Soph., Jackson, Miss.): No looking back to previous results here. Lil’ Precious will come out and roll the entire field this week.

Jackson Suber (Freshman, Tampa, Fla.): Can’t even remember what happened at Bulls Bay but he still got named SEC Freshmen of the week. You might as well reserve that trophy for Suber again this coming week.

Josh Seiple (Senior, Castle Rock, Co.): What is a Bull’s Bay, really? Are there even bulls at the bay? Sounds made up. Seiple will be the Senior anchor the team needs to run the table this week at Old Waverly.

Beau Briggs (Senior, Covington, La.): Has never even heard a Hootie and the Blowfish song let alone played in a tournament sponsored by them. Plans to drop a barrage of birdies upon the field in West Point.

Sarut Vongchaisit (Freshmen, Bangkok, Thailand): Can’t even say that he’s ever actually even been to Charleston to play golf let alone participate in something that may involve a bull or a bay. Will likely share Freshmen of the Week honors with his teammate Jackson Suber once they both finish T-1 this week.

Other potential participants: Jack Gnam, Brody Blackmon

The Field: Mississippi State, No. 4 Vanderbilt, Southern Miss, Memphis, Louisiana Tech, UT-Chattanooga, South Dakota, UL-Lafayette, Bradley, Lipscomb, ULM, South Alabama, UALR,

Top individuals who are playing for second: No. 8 Will Gordon – Vandy, No. 24 Patrick Martin – Vandy, No. 27 John Augenstein – Vandy, No. 32 Blake Elliott – McNeese, No. 60 Peng Pichaikool – Miss St.,

If you want to follow the action: Golfstat and Ole Miss Men’s Golf Twitter have you covered this week.

Next Tournament: IT’S CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK! SEC Championships, Sea Island Golf Club, Sea Island, Ga.