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Beer you shouldn’t shower: Goodbye Winter Porter for UT-Martin

Porter is a very good and delicious kind of beer

swayze shower
Photo by Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

There’s a reason I live in the southeastern United States.

It’s because I hate cold weather. Give me snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas and then you can take it and put back on the Rocky Mountains for all those skiing enthusiasts.

I enjoy the warm breeze on my bare legs while rocking 5” inseam shorts and toasting some crispy boys (Bud Lights) to the sky while watching some baseball.

We are almost to that glorious time of year, but first there’s still a nip in the air and porters/stouts to drink. Don’t get me wrong, you can tip a porter and stout any time you please, but I specifically reserve them more seasonally for this time of year.

The roasted notes of this class of beer offers typically coffee and chocolate notes with some aromatic qualities pairing well with desserts to savory meats. And when it comes to baseball, savory meats are what we find on our grills every time the Rebels hit the field.

We’re partnering with The Growler Oxford for these posts this season and ensuring you can pick up a growler of whatever beer we feature at their bar. If you don’t know, growlers typically hold approximately five 12 oz servings, which should be sufficient for a one game supply. Always drink responsibly and make sure you swing in to see the good folks there and ask for the Red Cup Rebellion beer cocktail of the week.

This week we’ll have two options for your cocktail - Sweetwater Exodus Porter coming in at 6.6% alcohol by volume and Natchez Brewing Revival Coffee Porter at 6.4% ABV. The Exodus to me has more chocolate notes compared to the Natchez Revival if that helps your decision making.

So let’s say ‘goodbye and good riddance’ to winter and its terrible, no good, wind chill with a new take on a porter beer cocktail.

Goodbye Winter Porter Cocktail

  • 12 oz. Sweetwater Exodus Porter or Natchez Revival Coffee Porter
  • Double shot of amaretto
  • Double shot of cherry liqueur

Fill up your very good Red Cup with crushed ice. Pour in the amaretto and cherry liqueur, give it a few slow stirs then add beer while continuing to slowly stir.

Wow, that was easy and very good. You’ll catch coffee, chocolate, sweetness and fruit with every sip, and if you’re not wanting as much of the sweet, sub in a good bourbon for the amaretto - Four Roses or Maker’s always a great option.

How to watch the game on Tuesday

Who: Ole Miss vs. UT-Martin
Where: Oxford
First pitch: 4 p.m. CT
Online streaming: WatchESPN

So what do you think about this week’s beer cocktail? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion to give us some ideas on what beers you’d like to see featured next.