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Ole Miss vs. New Mexico State football 2019: Preview and predictions


New Mexico State v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Yeah, this one should be fun.

New Mexico State is 0-8 (only lost to Liberty by seven shout out to all the Hugh Freeze truthers) and the Rebels have no pulse right now, staring 4-8 in the face. The Aggies will have their work cut out for them this weekend who come in to Lafayette County sporting the 129th-ranked rush defense.

The Rebels, who rank 17th in the nation in running the football, will almost certainly take advantage of this as some sort of feather in their cap against a winless team that is merely just collecting a check.

So, enjoy the game I guess. And by “enjoy the game”, I mean refresh ESPN’s gametracker every now and then while you watch Alabama and LSU play actual football.

Red Cup Panel Predictions

Bob Lynch — Ole Miss 42, NMSU 7

I have no idea nor do I care. I’ll be there! And I’ll probably have a beer or two while watching! I predict that I’ll then go to the bar and drink with friends.

One Man To Beat — Ole Miss 41, NMSU 31

Should this game be close? No way, but will a crowd of 13,576 be subjected to it? Absolutely.

whiskeywednesday — Ole Miss 35, NMSU 24

After several close losses, Ole Miss loses focus and things get out of hand real fast on the road. Offense has some big runs against a non-SEC team and the defense grows tired of carrying the team.

TwoYardsandaCloudofEnricky — Ole Miss 48, NMSU 20

Rich Rodriguez just runs wild on them the whole day, desperately trying to make us forget the things we have all seen with our own two eyes all season long.

Ben Woodhouse — Ole Miss 52, NMSU 14

I think Ole Miss rolls and covers. The Aggies are outmatched at every position.

Gray Hardison — Ole Miss 53, NMSU 26

New Mexico State ranks 129th out of 130 teams in yards allowed per rushing attempt. If you recall, running is the one thing the Ole Miss offense can do well (sometimes!). The big question about this game is whether at least 129 of the 22,000 people in attendance will be there when the clock hits 00:00.

Zach Berry — Ole Miss 49, NSMU 14

The Aggies are terrible and Ole Miss is desperate to get a win after two gut-wrenching conference losses.

Juco All-American — Ole Miss 7, NMSU 6

Yes, I’m being irrational, but we live in an irrational world.

Michael Borkey — Ole Miss 48, NMSU 17

Go to the basketball game.

Christoph Ludwig — Ole Miss 48, NMSU 17

The Aggies have one of the worst run defenses in the country and John Rhys Plumlee, Scottie Phillips, and Jerrion Ealy take advantage.

Nicholas Carr — Ole Miss 45, NMSU 10

Hired a junior college president. Play junior college opponents. Rebs win.

Grayson Weir — Ole Miss 42, NMSU 13

The talent gap is too wide, get the seniors in.