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The real meaning of the Egg Bowl

Tis the mf season, y’all.

NCAA Football - Mississippi State vs Mississippi - November 25, 2006 Photo by Matthew Sharpe/WireImage

So here we are yet again at the end of the season with an Egg Bowl staring us all in our collective face.

Right now, prior to kickoff, I think there’s a good number of people who don’t care if they win or not on both sides. They are unhappy with their head coach whether it be Matt Luke or Joe Moorhead, and they aren’t looking forward to a 5-7 or 6-6 season even if it means a bowl game is in the future.

But somehow once this game starts, memories and nostalgia will begin to take over your thoughts, hopes, and fears. You’ll want to win this game, because of the greasy looking cousin clad in maroon who you can’t avoid at family gatherings. Your State neighbor will begin to twitch at the thought of passing you at the mailbox and worry if you’ll wave and say, “Hotty Toddy” to him, knowing his team came up short.

State fans that I know have been laying it on thick that John Rhys Plumlee is going to run for 400 yards, and they’ll be promptly firing Moorhead after they get blown out. Ole Miss fans are as apathetic as I have seen since 2011, and a loss or win doesn’t really seem to have long term implications for the program. So a win would be great for the seniors and the team, but looking at it honestly, the team is unlikely to backdoor its way into a bowl game.

Today’s Battle for the Golden Egg is just simply about pride, who wants it more, and any other rivalry cliches you want to apply to it. But one thing I’ve learned in a couple decades of watching this rivalry is that whatever outcome is most expected rarely EVER comes to fruition. So here’s to J.R.P. running for 40 yards and passing for 300 I guess? Cheers!

We’re lucky to be able to even celebrate Thanksgiving — a day for most to not work, eat too much, and celebrate. It’s not about the political arguments you might have or even the Battle for the Golden Egg. The end result of a game between one team who quite possibly might hate their coaches guts and another who is begging for some other teams to lose so they can maybe get a bowl game with a stellar APR score means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

This week and this day is all about family, fellowship, football, and some daggum food! Enjoy it with those that you love. Share some libations. Tell stories. Reminisce about the good ole days. Watch the kids cut up and make a mess.

All of the above is much more important than some stupid American college football game. Trust me.

So do us a favor today, take a minute to look around wherever you are and be thankful for what you have, who you’re with, and how life can be fragile and fleeting. Celebrate Thanksgiving and then check your bank account for Black Friday.