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Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State football 2019: Preview and predictions

It’s the one that gets people excited and angry and petty!

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

The Ole Miss Rebels are fresh off a bye week and are antsy to prove all you naysayers wrong who refuse to get in line with everyone else who just wants true Rebel lovers in charge. Ole Miss, coming off the beating at the hands of No. 1 LSU, head down to Starkville to take on the 5-6 Mississippi State Bulldogs for the Battle of the Golden Egg.

Once again on Thanksgiving, we have yet another opportunity to cringe, cry, laugh, curse, and shriek on a holiday surrounded by family and friends. But, who will be doing all of the aforementioned actions more? Landsharks or Clanga?

We certainly will find out. Mike MacIntyre’s new and improved defense has their work cut out for them with the SEC’s leading rusher, Kylin Hill, and the two-headed mediocre-passing monster of Garrett Shrader and Tommy Stevens at quarterback trying to score points on them. And on the other side, Rich Rodriguez’s modern day shotgun veer offense headed by John Rhys Plumlee, Jerrion Ealy, and Snoop Conner will try to do the same thing against a Bulldogs defense that is just meh to be quite honest.

SoMeThiNg’S gOt To GiVe!~~

Hope everyone has a wonderful short week of work and an even better holiday evening watching a sports game that is sure to have both fan bases angry about their current predicament with their head coach.

Red Cup Panel Predictions

Bob Lynch — Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 28

It will be a close game throughout with turnovers and special teams making a difference for Ole Miss. If John Rhys Plumlee can play like he has in big games all season, the Rebs should be okay.

One Man To Beat — Ole Miss 35, Mississippi State 24

The Rebels cover one last time in a thrilling last-second touchdown over a surprisingly-motivated Mississippi State squad.

whiskeywednesday — Mississippi State 35, Ole Miss 21

Matt Luke’s newly-confirmed job security causes him to get (even more) complacent. Ole Miss gets smacked in the mouth early, tries to make it interesting, and comes up short. Eat at Arby’s.

TwoYardsandaCloudofEnricky — Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 24

Ole Miss hits them in the mouth to start and gets a big lead, but Matt Luke takes his foot off the gas and State gets back in it during the third quarter. We eventually close them out. Everyone on both sides wails and gnashes teeth. The world spirals further into chaos. Life continues being meaningless.

Ben Woodhouse — Mississippi State 27, Ole Miss 26

Even though the road team has won the last three in this series, it finally regresses to the mean and the home team wins an ugly one that neither school cares about.

Gray Hardison — Mississippi State 29, Ole Miss 25

Mississippi State appears to be mostly lifeless, not very good on either side of the ball, and losing a head coach when this game ends. However, their suspended players, who were LED ASTRAY BY A ROGUE TUTOR WHO COULD BE AN OLE MISS PLANT PEOPLE ARE TALKING, INCLUDING TOP GENERALS, MAYBE EVEN THE MOST TOP GENERAL, aren’t going to be suspended, which will make their defense better. And because this is always the game that, if they win, would make them say a 1-11 season was successful, they won’t be lifeless.

Zach Berry — Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 27

On one hand, Mississippi State has zero pulse and seems to quite simply not give a shit. And the other team is run by Matt Luke. I guess I’ll go with the 4-7 team with the better play-makers. But, I fucking hate this and do not feel good whatsoever.

Juco All-American — Ole Miss 48, Mississippi State 27

“It just seems like it’s about time to let out the fishing line just enough to reel us back in.”

Michael Borkey — Ole Miss 35, Mississippi State 21

The Bulldogs have a hard time getting off to good starts in conference games. They once again start slow on Thursday and Ole Miss’ running game buries them early and they cruise.

Christoph Ludwig — Ole Miss 24, Mississippi State 21

The defense carries the Rebs to an Egg Bowl win and Matt Luke gets rewarded with a contract extension, because nothing matters and life is pain.

Nicholas Carr — Mississippi State 31, Ole Miss 28

Turnovers and predictable play-calling near the red zone turn out to be costly and the Bulldogs goes bowling at 6-6.

Grayson Weir — Ole Miss 34, Mississippi State 17

Mike MacIntyre’s defense is very good against not very good teams, and the Rebels run to a victory that has nothing to do with Matt Luke, but becomes a rallying cry for a longer leash— again. Might as well hang a banner on the square.