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FanPulse Top 25 - Week 13: BY THE POWER OF R.E.M. AND WAYNE KNIGHT

The little SEC East engine that could is making headway!

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


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After a brief hiatus, the FanPulse Top 25 is back at Red Cup Rebellion dot com. And boy oh boy, we have drama! After a tight home win in a slog, the Georgia Bulldogs are now the No. 4 team in your top 25, jumping the Alabama Crimson Tide who blew out Western Carolina with Mac Jones at the helm.

Ya hate to see it.

Elsewhere, the Oregon Ducks’ playoff hopes were dashed in the desert after Arizona State defeated them, playing to win the game. This catapults Utah up to the No. 8 spot, but the Utes really needed the Ducks to continue winning, making their date in the Pac-12 title game a potential play-in for the top four.

Alas, that looks unlikely at the moment.

Just above Kyle Whittingham’s team are the Baylor Bears at No. 7, keeping pace with their Big 12 title game opponent, the Oklahoma Sooners. Matt Rhule’s ballclub whipped Texas (again ya hate to see it) last week and received their first-ever title game birth in some mighty fine uniforms if I might add.

FanPulse Top 25: Week 13

Rank Team
Rank Team
1 LSU (11-0)
2 Ohio State (11-0)
3 Clemson (11-0)
4 Georgia (10-1)
5 Alabama (10-1)
6 Oklahoma (10-1)
7 Baylor (10-1)
8 Utah (10-1)
9 Florida (9-2)
10 Memphis (10-1)
11 Minnesota (10-1)
12 Auburn (8-3)
13 Penn State (9-2)
14 Cincinnati (10-1)
15 Notre Dame (9-2)
16 Wisconsin (9-2)
17 Oregon (9-2)
18 App State (10-1)
19 Boise State (10-1)
20 Michigan (9-2)
21 Navy (8-2)
22 Iowa (8-3)
23 Air Force (9-2)
24 Virginia Tech (8-3)
25 Oklahoma State (8-3)

“But, Zach, what about the confidence??!!”

I hear ya, I hear ya.

Well, you’d be shocked to know that the confidence in the Ole Miss football team is lacking. With that said, we’re not going to waste your time with that graph.


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