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Ole Miss announces beer menu and vendor locations at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Pour up.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

A week ahead of Ole Miss football’s first home game at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in which it will sell alcohol, we have received the menu that will be offered to you and 64,037 of your closest friends from Associate Athletic Director Kyle Campbell.

The Rebels will offer up the big three domestic beers, a very on-brand lager option, a Belgian ale with lots of artsy commercials, an American blonde ale that is #MississippiMade, and a seltzer option as well.

Below you will find a helpful map that we have created to make it quite simple.

Red Cup Rebellion

And here is the menu below that will be available for consumption for the rest of the year at all Rebel home games.

Coors Light $8 (16 oz.)

These are obviously great for when it’s hot outside, or you’re sitting in the sun at the game. Once it gets cold, they will still be great but just less great.

Miller Lite $8 (16 oz.)

They will probably sell 45,000 of these at the LSU game, because they just seem to be Miller Lite people. We don’t get it.

Budweiser $8 (16 oz.)

So there’s going to be a military salute to a veteran, you’re going to be drinking an ice cold Budweiser in Vaught-Hemingway, and you’ll officially be as American as possible. Can’t wait to pound a Bud heavy during a F-16 flyover for a 2:30pm CBS kickoff.

Landshark $9 (16 oz.)

Honestly, get one of these and hold it to the sky every third down. If the defense holds, chug it all, and if the defense doesn’t hold, chug it, too. What? Are you worried about getting your pleated Dockers damp? Drink up.

Blue Moon $9 (16 oz.)

If there’s not a fresh orange slice served with each one, are you really even pretending to be pretentious?

Suzy B $9 (12 oz.)

This is a 5.3% ABV Mississippi made beer out of Hattiesburg, so that’s worth the extra $1 I reckon.

Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water $9 (16 oz.)

It’s not Bon & Viv, but the seltzer craze will have the students taking selfies with “HERE FOR IT” with these cans.

Cheers! Crack on.