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Tuesday Question: One of Succession

What classifications and characteristics would you prefer?

Keith Carter #33... Ole Miss Athletics Archives

To Ole Miss fans, one of the most pressing things for self-proclaimed chancellor Glenn Boyce to take care of is the hiring of an athletic director. Without a permanent AD in place, the thinking goes, the athletic department can’t move past its current stagnancy.

While I’d argue that Keith Carter could do a lot of good if he would take tough actions while operating as the interim, I get it: he’s contending for the permanent gig and doesn’t want to ruffle feathers. Still, the best thing he could do would probably be to fire [someone who has been unable to win games in three years as head coach and continues to be met with smaller and smaller crowds]. That would probably give him a big boost in fan acceptance, but that doesn’t appear to be what he’s planning to do.

So, then the question becomes: who will ultimately be making that decision?

What qualities would you look for in the next Ole Miss AD?