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Podcast Rebellion: The guy who exposed Fyre Fest went to Ole Miss

Our fam, of Hulu and Netflix fame, explains how a dorky con artist and a washed-up rapper managed to dupe people for millions.

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Fellow Ole Miss alum and financier Calvin Wells joins the show to give us a peek behind the curtain of one of the most failed events of our time: Fyre Festival. It was supposed to be an immersive experience put on by tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, that was going to win the music festival world over and bring people back year-after-year for top-flight musical acts, gourmet food, and the party of a lifetime.

And then it didn’t even happen.

Wells is here to give us the story and how he stumbled upon this glorious shit show and how he tried to warn people that it was a hoax and was in no way ever, ever going to happen. Listen in as he tells us how it came on his radar, the origin of the @FyreFraud Twitter account, and if he thinks Ja Rule is an actual hip-hop mogul.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We did have some technical difficulties due to Mr. Wells being in transit on the East Coast and all of us being in different locations, but our production team believes that they were able to salvage the interview. Enjoy.

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