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The Official Ole Miss vs. SIU Drinking Game

It’s gonna get ugly—both the game and your neighbors’ looks at you Sunday morning

Arkansas v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The guys and gals at Red Cup have always been unabashedly frank about the booze culture at Ole Miss.

It’s part of the tapestry knitting us as fans together on game day. The light (see: heavy) buzz from a couple (see: seven) alcohols under the calming shade of hundred-year-old trees gives us the confidence in the game ahead or relaxes our paralyzing dread of a loss.

But we can’t all make it to Vaught-Hemingway to see Ole Miss play in person. We have to soldier on through the television set or laptop screen with a few cold ones on hand, and boy, do we have the game for you.

You can feel assured of a Rebel victory over FCS school Southern Illinois. It’ll probably be a blowout by the first quarter. So, to keep things interesting, we put together this drinking game.

The rules

(Be responsible with your drinking, y’all.)

1. If you see Tony the Landshark, drink.
If the commentators talk about him being “too scary,” drink three times.

2. The announcers segue into next week’s game vs Alabama, drink, roll your eyes and ironically say “Roll Tide.”

3. If Ole Miss RB Scottie Phillips breaks off a run of over 10 yards, drink.
He had 200 yards against Tech, so...

4. If you see Ole Miss’ nWo belt, drink.

5. If an Ole Miss linebacker is out of position on a running play, drink.
Oh no, what have we done?

6. If A.J. Brown jukes a defender, drink three times.
Safety first you guys.

7. If SIU scores a passing TD, finish your drink.
This really shouldn’t happen.

8. If Ole Miss scores a touchdown of over 30 yards, take a shot.
We’re sorry. We really are.

9. If Ole Miss wins, finish your drink.

10. If Ole Miss loses, grab a handle of your favorite bourbon and cancel the rest of football season watching.

Where will you be Saturday? What’s your drink of choice for the week? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with how you’re keeping it between the beacons Saturday.