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5 products to push your Grove tent over the top this season

From mobile battery packs to waterproof TVs, here’s what you need to flex on your fellow Grovers.

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Ole Miss Athletics/Josh McCoy

The great pastime of tailgating goes back all the way to ancient times, when Romans used to eat, like, burnt turkey legs and fermented ox tails while hanging around the Colosseum before watching a bunch of animals kill people.

And for as long as there have been tailgates, there’s been people competing to have the best setup. It’s the game inside the game.

That’s especially true at the Grove, a hallowed spectacle of pre-game and post-game festivities unlike any other, nestled in the heart of a campus older than the majority of the United States (don’t Google it, dork). Every time I get a whiff of bourbon in a sultry Southern breeze, it’s like I’m back there again, and the goosebumps instinctively rise at the beckoning of football, fall and fantastic food.

To help you flex on your fellow Grovers this season, we’ve put together a short list of products that will help you push your tailgate over the top.

Mobile battery pack

Generators claim how quiet they are, but they usually end up being louder and put off more exhaust than you’d ever want. In steps the Ecoflow RIVER, a mobile battery pack that weighs only 11 lbs. and puts off enough power for a mini-fridge. It has USB, AC and DC ports, plus it holds charge for up to 12 months (you know, for when you leave it in your garage in the offseason).

Portable beer pong table

There’s nothing like a little drinking game action to get your competitive juices flowing before kickoff (or soothe the burn after a vicious loss). This eight-foot table from GoPong folds into a suitcase, so you can store easily and get it where you’re going. Sure, you can use a regular table for this, but the opulence of having a table devoted to it with designated pyramid scheme and water cup placement is a nice touch.

Foldable snack/drink station

For the parents out there, I got you covered for the kids. Give them their own eating space with this insulated, folding tailgate table. It’s got the cupholders for their drinks with space for more below, plus a second tier for any snacks that you can reserve for them.

Stainless steel growler

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more likely to be slamming Michey Mantles and whiskey gingers at our tailgate, but for the craft beer snob who ends up breaking a glass bottle, worry no more. This 64 oz. stainless steel growler will get you nice and tight when you have your cranberry goose turd barleywine sloshing out of it.

Outdoor quality TV

Not everyone loves the hassle of having a TV at the tent, but there are more and more every year in the Grove. Don’t be the guy who has a TV bite the dust because it’s indoor use only. Sunbrite is a waterproof, commercial grade 4K UHD TV that can operate in extreme temps plus beat the bright conditions on a sunny day in the Grove.

If you’ve got any tips or tricks of the trade, leave them below in the comments or holler at us on Twitter dot com at @redcuprebellion. Cheers!