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The LEGAL College Football Betting Guide: Week 5

If you bet on the Magnolia Bowl, you need to get help

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Louisiana State
Looking at that Ole Miss-LSU line like.
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On Aug. 1, 2018, betting on sports became legal in Mississippi. Federal and state law now protects your God-given right to drive to Tunica and blow hard-earned money on the over/under of some Tuesday night MAC game. To help guide you through the first season of legal college football gambling (because you certainly weren’t taking advantage of gray-area internet gambling sites before!), we’ve set up this weekly betting guide.

Finally, this column is back ABOVE .500.

Yes, friends, we’re sitting on the lofty 10-8 perch for the season, and your bank account has survived a swath of close misses this year.

If your car is repossessed, it’s time to double down in my opinion. Wait ‘til you know how it feels to pull up to the repo lot in your new Lexus. It could happen this week, y’all.

We’ve got our traditional over/under, moneyline and spread picks below, including a Magnolia Bowl super lock of the century pick that I’d bet all your college savings bonds on.

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M in Arlington, Tex.

Bet A&M to cover the 21-point spread

Yes, this game in the last few years has been absolutely nuts, but let’s be honest here — Arkansas is really not good, sitting at 1-3 on the season. Texas A&M is 5-0-0 against the spread in its last five games and something ridiculous like 21-6-2 against the spread in the last 30 games. Jimbo is not the type of coach to let a beaten team off the mat, and if he can score extra points with the poll-makers and boost A&M in the rankings, you can bet your $5,000 stingray skin cowboy boots he will.

Tennessee at No. 2 Georgia

Bet the over at 52 points

Last week, Tennessee and Florida hit the over easily as UT was unable to hold onto the football leading to six turnovers. I would imagine Georgia is going to have the same fortune against the Volunteers this week, but this game means a lot in this rivalry. With a win, Georgia draws even with Tennessee in overall historical record, and it also keeps Georgia on a collision course with Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Tennessee can play spoiler and will certainly be motivated going into the No. 2 ranked Bulldogs’ home field. Seven of the last nine games in this series would’ve hit this over, so take the easy money here.

Florida at Mississippi State

Bet Florida to win at +265

Quick reminder: the Gators +265 means if you bet $100 on them, you stand to win $265 on that bet. I think these odds are too good to play after seeing State last weekend in Lexington struggle to move the ball effectively. Certainly, they’ll score more than 7, and the Gators don’t have nearly the rushing attack Kentucky does. BUT I think both sides are going to be very emotional in this game, and State fans’ confidence that they would crush Florida has been palpable since Mullen’s announced departure. Mullen honestly has to win this game to keep his team in the running for a shot at an SEC East title, and somehow someway it’s going to happen.

Ole Miss at No. 5 LSU

Bet the under on 59 points

I’m not sold on the fact that Ole Miss’ offense can effectively score against the upper echelon defenses of college football. I’m also not convinced LSU has the ability to pass for more than 200 yards against almost anyone. That being said, the Tigers could potentially put up 400 rushing yards and have 40+ minutes time of possession before this one is done. Edward Delacroix Orgeron is going to do everything he can to keep the ball out of Ole Miss’ hands and reduce the potential for explosive plays. I just see this game playing out more on the boring end of the spectrum in a 31-14 kind of fashion, but if you’re betting on the Magnolia Bowl, please get help because it’s one of the most unpredictable games I can fathom.

So what casinah are you headed to? What will you buy with your winnings? What’s your can’t miss pick of the week? Comment here or tweet @RedCupRebellion on your extremely hot takes.