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Yes, Ole Miss football should absolutely wear powder blue jerseys


NCAA Football: Mississippi at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

This has probably come up before, but now we need to have a serious conversation about Ole Miss football’s sartorial preferences.

Ole Miss plays LSU on Saturday, and the game will be a football game. HOWEVER, there are rumors afoot that Ole Miss will be sporting brand new POWDER BLUE JERSEYS, and we have something like a visual for what those would look like.

We’ll here qualify this post with the official statement that we do not really know what “Ole Miss Gameday Headquarters” is, aside from a small-ish Ole Miss sports community. Much like this little shop. Anyway, if their mock-up here is at all correct, these bad boys look wonderful.

Much like the white helmets and all-white uniforms for the Texas Tech game this season, costume updates are first geared toward getting the players fired up and second about fans’ like or dislike of them. A.J. Brown does not care about your opinions regarding the shirt on his back, I can assure you.

What we do know is that IF these kits are real, viable, possible, actual uniforms that Rebel football will field this year, then yes. A million times yes. In fact, change the school colors to powder blue and a flash of Harvard red.

In fact, if we’re being honest, sport the powder blue uni with a red helmet and white stripe. Just completely invert the uniform scheme to piss off everyone born before 1977. It’ll be great.

The Tip Six went down while Ole Miss wore powder blue helmets, after all, and that’s the greatest play in Ole Miss football history.