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The Official Ole Miss vs. Alabama Drinking Game

Alcohol is never the answer... but it does make you forget the question.

Arkansas State v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ole Miss is heading into a game as a three-touchdown underdog to Alabama.

It’s time to consider drinking alcohols and doing so in a game-like manner. I will fortunately be in the stands for this game, but Red Cup knows not everyone can make every game for various reasons. This drinking game is best operated in the confines of a residence or bar, because DRINKING IN THE STADIUM IS DEFFO ILLEGAL AND NO ONE DOES IT.

As always, be mindful to drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive and remember clear liquor is not meant for the Grove. The good Lord invented bourbon so Ole Miss wouldn’t rule the world.

The rules

1. Ole Miss comes out in powder blue jerseys, DRINK 3.
Then high five the old guy near you who is upset.

2. If Nick Saban yells at a player, DRINK.
Ok, maybe be careful on this one.

3. If Jordan Ta’amu completes a pass, DRINK.
Yes, do it.

4. If the announcers mention the 2014/15 Ole Miss wins, DRINK 2.
Then pour one out for Cooper Bateman.

5. Alabama fan looks happy on TV, DRINK 3.
This probably won’t happen—they are joyless.

6. If Ole Miss converts a fourth down, DRINK 4.

7. If A.J. Brown scores a touchdown, FINISH YOUR DRINK.
Then toss it into the air, catch it and strike the Heisman.

8. If Someone on defense throws up a fin, DRINK FOUR
And throw up a fin.

9. If Scottie Phillips rushes for more than 50 yards, FINISH YOUR DRINK.

10. Ole Miss wins the game, DRINK IT ALL.
Go to your neighbors house and drink all of theirs too.

11. If Ole Miss loses the game, FINISH YOUR DRINK.
Then go to sleep, wake up and crush the brunch game.

What will you be sipping on come Saturday night? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with your drinking game submissions.