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The LEGAL College Football Betting Guide: Week 3

You’re gonna want to take the over on Ole Miss-Bama.

Alabama v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On Aug. 1, 2018, betting on sports became legal in Mississippi. Federal and state law now protects your God-given right to drive to Tunica and blow hard-earned money on the over/under of some Tuesday night MAC game. To help guide you through the first season of legal college football gambling (because you certainly weren’t taking advantage of gray-area internet gambling sites before!), we’ve set up this weekly betting guide.

Alright, alright, alright, we’ve got some actual data on these teams now. Two games into the season, and we can start to notice some trends, some flops, some busts and some new darling of the betting world.

Last week, we notched a 2-2 record with our picks, so it’s time to make it up to you with a perfect week. We owe you at least that much given the high subscription cost of this website (see: $Free99).

We’re rolling with some road teams this week to add some spiciness to our betting guide, plus we’ve got our sure-fire, can’t-miss bet for the Ole Miss-Bama game to wrap this thing up. LEGGO!

Florida State at Syracuse

Take the under on 68 points

Willie Taggart has stumbled out of the gate in his first two games as the head coach at Florida State, nearly getting shut out against Virginia Tech and then needing a fourth quarter rally to overcome Samford.

The offense in Tallahassee isn’t clicking just yet, but the defense is by no means shabby. Syracuse has piled up points in games vs. two also-rans, but this game will present new challenges for the Orange. The -3 line for FSU means bookmakers are expecting a close game, and I can see a 34-30 Nole victory and a fatter bank account in the future.

Vanderbilt at Notre Dame

Take Vandy to beat the 13.5 spread

Oh man, this is truly like a double rainbow meeting a pile of horseshoes and rabbit’s feet: the luck of the Irish vs. a Vandy program that always overachieved early in the season. There will be more people reading the Economist in the pre-game than slamming Fireball and making poor decisions.

The ‘Dores have blown out two opponents already this season, including holding a somewhat competent Nevada squad to 10 points. Notre Dame won’t be overlooking Vanderbilt per say, but let’s be honest, you never expect Vanderbilt to come in and beat you if you’re the Irish. I like this pick at 13.5, but if you can find it at 14 or more, bet every dollar you can find on Derek Mason to keep Vandy close.

Georgia Tech at Pitt

Take Georgia Tech to win

The Yellow Jackets and their 1940s offense rolls into Pitt, which just came off a shellacking from Penn State last week. Tech fell to South Florida last week away from home by 11, so the ratings for this game can really be expected in the tens of dozens. The triple option always seems to trouble teams that aren’t disciplined or well coached—and in steps Pitt. The Panthers have struggled to be above par in recent years, and this year is no exception. You can bet $180 to win $100 on the Yellow Jackets, and it’s a pretty safe bet to do so.

Ole Miss vs. Alabama in Oxford

Take the over on 71 points

Ole Miss is that great, enjoyable brand of college football that the casual fan loves, the very old fan hates and the guys who bet big absolutely depends on. A phenomenal, high-powered offense laden with NFL skill players plus an equally porous defense means the over is almost a guarantee to hit every week. Even if it’s the very scary and very respectable Alabama Crimson Tide. Last season, a 66-3 loss to the Tide had to have been one of the lowest points of the lives of AJ Brown, DK Metcalf and DeMarkus Lodge. The NWO couldn’t crack the endzone. In Oxford, no way there’s a repeat with a younger secondary at Bama, and the eyes of the entire conference focused in.

What games will you be putting some action on? Leave it in the comments or tweet @redcuprebellion.