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The Grove Tent: Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

Come spend game day talkin’ booze, food and football.

For as long as we can remember, this here blog has been doing open threads for football games. The idea is that a few minutes before kickoff, we put up a post like this that provided a little patch of internet for Ole Miss fans to celebrate, laugh, cuss, cry, shout, cheer, and sulk together during Rebel games.

Here’s the deal, though: we all know Ole Miss game day begins way before kickoff. We head to the Grove or flip on ESPN’s Gameday early in the morning and booze deep into the night.

So this year, our threads will start early in the morning and run all day. Think of it as your virtual Grove Tent, where you can talk booze, food and football all day long.

For now at least, the plan is for this to serve as the actual game thread as well. We’ll re-consider that if it because unwieldily.

So come join the conversation. Tells us...

  1. What you’re drinking.
  2. Where you’re drinking.
  3. What your game prediction is.