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Red Cup Drink Up: Making ‘Dead Raider’ cocktails for Texas Tech

The return of Red Cup Drink Up takes a delicious shot at Texas Tech.

Each week, we’ll combine two cherished Ole Miss traditions—drinking and trashing other teams—into a delicious, tailgate-ready cocktail. Because you can’t win the party unless you bring the party.

First off, let’s get this out of the way: anyone who says bourbon isn’t a summertime spirit is wrong.

Believe me—I’m FINE with y’all leaving bourbon alone for a few months so there can be more for the rest of us. I just think the idea that it’s too heavy during the hottest months of the year is silly and it’s time we all admit it.

I considered doing a vodka or gin cocktail to kick off our rebooted Red Cup Drink Up series, but let’s get real. It’s been a decade and two mascots since Ole Miss walked out of Cotton Bowl Stadium victorious over Texas Tech and no clear liquid is going to capture the essence of Saturday’s reunion in Houston.

So when I read about a cocktail named the Red Raider—a shaken blend of bourbon, lemon juice, triple sec and grenadine—I knew it was meant to be. Only thing left to figure out: How could I make it into something negative about Texas Tech when it’s literally the name of their team?

  1. Call it the DEAD Raider.
  2. Make the grenadine kinda look like blood. Because sharks or whatever.

red raider cocktail with four roses Alex McDaniel

The Dead Raider (shaken and/or served over ice)

1 part bourbon

1 part orange juice (or ½ part triple sec)

1/2 part pomegranate juice

½ part lemon juice

Grenadine (Put a few drops on an ice cube. For blood reasons.)