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7 times A.J. Brown absolutely clowned a defender

Ole Miss’ best wideout is an elusive man, whose hips, speed, and balance make him virtually untouchable.

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Mississippi
When you’re gonna Eurostep this man into the grass.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Ole Miss’ offense in 2018 is replete with stocky, nimble wide receivers. Chief among them rank D.K. Metcalf — who once urinated in Mississippi State’s end zone — and one A.J. Brown, who just last Thanksgiving was elected the mayor of Starkville, Miss. Check the receipts.

With that said, and with breakout star Jordan Ta’amu slinging passes for his first full season as the Rebel starter at quarterback, Brown would appear to be set for a career year in both yardage and touchdowns. Certainly the Rebel offense has the potential to be one of this season’s most explosive, at least on paper. Barring a spate of injuries or regression in scheme and production, Ole Miss’ offensive attack will be fun, if totally unpredictable. CHAOS TEAM ENGAGE.

Will’s and Bill C’s numbers speak for themselves, and they reveal an incredibly high ceiling for offensive coordinator Phil Longo’s outfit in 2018. What we’re here to examine is A.J. Brown in space, making opposing defenders look downright silly.

That time Brown Eurostepped a Louisiana Lafayette right out of his socks.

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing addition to Brown’s arsenal in 2017 was his hip-feet, Eurostep-style fake that put defenders on ice skates, which is remarkable because football fields are traditionally surfaced with grass or astroturf.

That other time Brown Eurostepped Texas A&M two weeks later on the same exact play.

Just two weeks after calmly ushering a ULL defender out of Vaught-Hemingway last season, Brown found himself in nearly the exact same position against Texas A&M, and he again delivered a smooth hip fake that coaxed an Aggie defender into a completely missed tackle. MY GUY DOESN’T EVEN TOUCH THE MAYOR OF STARKVILLE.

For those keeping score, that’s three defenders that whiff on their tackles, to say nothing of the poor schmuck being blocked out of the play by D.K. Metcalf, or the lost soul who dives into what one assumes is a hole directly to the earth’s core.

That time he stiff armed the life out of some cat at Louisiana-Lafayette.

May God have mercy on his soul.

That time he torched South Alabama’s secondary for 71 yards and a TD.

Say you play safety for, um, the University of South Alabama. Say you’re responsible for monitoring the downfield boundary. And now say that a receiver with the best hands in college football lines up in the left slot and finds himself with space on the seam. Let’s see what happens when those circumstances coalesce together.

A quick step-over to avoid the back safety and straight to the house, but only after Shea Patterson sold the RPO long enough to get the defense to bite hard on the run. Just great stuff.

From the same game, Brown hauled in his second TD of the night after some majestic elusiveness from Patterson, who found him on the fly down the right side. Watch our man shake of an initial tackle and wave goodbye to his pursuers on his way to another score.

That time he hit Georgia Southern with the spin ‘n swerve

That time he was elected mayor of Starkville.

You want some hot Egg Bowl breakaway action? Of course you do.

That’s your best receiving friend out here sneaking his way up top of CLANGA’s secondary contain and hauling in a beautifully delivered ball from Jordan Ta’amu for six whole points, which in footballspeak is called a “touchdown.” Props again to Ta’amu for selling the RPO, which allows Brown to break free down the right seam straight into the rectum of CLANGA’s boundary.

And yeah, that’s the play that won him the Starkville mayoral runoff election. You’re welcome.