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Podcast Rebellion: The AP’s David Brandt reacts to our optimism about the Rebs and pessimism about LSU

Our favorite national writer who has been to the Olympics joins to talk Longo Ball, Joe Burrow, and curling.

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NCAA Football: Ohio State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We are five weeks out from college football starting up for Ole Miss so naturally we are going to talk more and more about our predictions. And who better to join than Mr. Associated Press himself, David Brandt. Our Winter Olympics correspondent is here to give HIS hot taeks on how he thinks the Ole Miss Rebels will look this season, who he thinks will struggle the most, and who his East division dark horses are.

  • Can Joe Burrow save Ed Orgeron in Baton Rouge?
  • Will Chad Morris keep Arkansas afloat?
  • Is South Carolina legit?
  • What will be the biggest shocker in 2018?
  • When does the Joe Moorhead hype train stop?

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